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In this comprehensive guide, we will compare VEVO vs. YouTube, exploring their features, benefits, and which platform best suits your music career.


VEVO vs. YouTube: Unraveling the Differences and Choosing the Right Platform for Your Music

In the digital age of music consumption, music videos have become a crucial component of an artist's promotional strategy. Two prominent platforms that dominate the music video landscape are VEVO and YouTube. VEVO, born from a collaboration between major record labels and YouTube, is renowned for its high-quality, official music videos.

On the other hand, YouTube, the world's largest video-sharing platform, hosts a diverse range of content, including user-generated music videos. As an artist or music label, it's essential to understand the differences between VEVO and YouTube to make an informed decision about where to showcase your music videos.


  1. VEVO: The Premium Music Video Platform

VEVO is a joint venture between Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Abu Dhabi Media, aimed at providing an official outlet for music videos. It curates a premium selection of high-quality, official music videos from well-established artists and labels. VEVO offers a polished and professional presentation, making it an attractive platform for music enthusiasts seeking top-tier content.

Key Features of VEVO:

a. High-Quality Content: VEVO is synonymous with high production values and visually captivating music videos.

b. Exclusive Premieres: VEVO frequently hosts exclusive premieres of music videos, generating anticipation and buzz within the music community.

c. Artist-Focused Channels: VEVO channels serve as dedicated hubs for artists, allowing them to connect directly with their audience and provide a personalized experience.

d. Copyright Protection: VEVO employs a robust copyright protection system to ensure artists' intellectual property is safeguarded.


  1. YouTube: The Versatile Video-Sharing Giant

YouTube, acquired by Google in 2006, has evolved into the largest video-sharing platform in the world. While it hosts a diverse array of content, music videos constitute a significant portion of its library. YouTube allows artists and users to upload user-generated music videos, offering a platform for emerging talents to gain exposure.

Key Features of YouTube:

a. Massive Global Reach: With billions of monthly users, YouTube offers unparalleled global reach for music videos.

b. User-Generated Content: YouTube's open nature allows artists and fans to create and share music videos, fostering a vibrant and diverse music community.

c. Monetization Opportunities: Artists can monetize their music videos through YouTube's Partner Program, earning revenue from ads and premium subscriptions.

d. Live Streaming: YouTube Live enables artists to connect with fans through live performances, Q&A sessions, and other interactive events.


Choosing the Right Platform for Your Music:

When deciding between VEVO and YouTube for showcasing your music videos, consider the following factors:

  1. Professionalism vs. Community: If you are an established artist or label seeking a premium presentation and exclusive premieres, VEVO may be the ideal choice. For emerging artists or those looking to foster a community-driven approach, YouTube offers a more diverse and interactive platform.
  2. Revenue Opportunities: While both platforms offer monetization options, YouTube's Partner Program provides artists with a direct way to earn revenue through ads and subscriptions. VEVO's revenue opportunities may be more dependent on distribution and licensing deals with major labels.
  3. Copyright Protection: VEVO's rigorous copyright protection system ensures a safe and secure environment for official music videos. YouTube's open nature may expose artists to potential copyright challenges, although its Content ID system helps address these issues.

Can I control my VEVO YouTube artist Channel?

No. VEVO channels do not work like regular YouTube channels. There is no login access per user. Channels are managed by VEVO personnel and we, distributors, only get access to a limited tool that allows us to upload videos and edit metadata.

There are no login credentials to access the channels. This applies not only to us but to any distributors capable of delivering videos to VEVO.

1710Media can make changes and updates to your video and channel info on your behalf as an approved distributor. We can make changes to items like:

-Artist profile photo
-Social Media Links
-Channel description
-Video Description
-Video Title
-Video thumbnails.

All of these can be requested by sending an email to



VEVO and YouTube are two prominent platforms that cater to different aspects of the music video landscape. VEVO stands as a premium outlet for high-quality music videos from major artists and labels, while YouTube embraces a diverse range of content, including user-generated music videos. As an artist or music label, your choice between VEVO and YouTube depends on your specific goals, level of prominence, and desire for a professional presentation versus community-driven engagement.

At 1710Media, we understand the significance of choosing the right platform to showcase your music videos. As your dedicated music agency, we can guide you through the decision-making process and help you optimize your presence on either VEVO or YouTube. Embrace the power of music videos, connect with your audience, and let your music shine on the platform that aligns best with your music career with 1710Media as your trusted partner in the music industry.


Having a VEVO-branded YouTube channel will also add some verification that you or your artist is on the same level as mainstream artists. Video content lives on the Vevo YouTube channel, Apple TV, Samsung TV, and every Vevo outlet.

We can also help you request YouTube Official Artist Verification whereby your official YouTube channel, Autogenerated YouTube Music channel, and Vevo Channel will be merged.

  • If you do not have a channel yet, we must first request one for you, for free. Channels are for artists only (not labels) and must include the artist's name followed by the word VEVO.
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  • Through Vevo, your video will be available on; YouTube, Roku, Samsung TV Plus, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Echo Show, Pluto TV, Vewd, Comcast (Xfinity X1 and Xfinity Flex), VIZIO, NowTV, SkyQ, Foxxum, XITE, NetRange, Redbox, T-Mobile Play, Virgin Media, Xumo, Telstra, etc.
  • Videos can include; Official Music Videos, Lyrics Videos, Visualizers, Teasers, Live Performances, Movie/ Series, Music Documentary, Animated videos, etc.
  • Monitor instant Trends via a Customized Dashboard.
  • 1 - 5 days delivery.
  • Retain 90% of total earnings, every month. No Minimum threshold.





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