Digital Music Distribution

Release Your Music will be on; Spotify, iTunes & Apple Music, Youtube Music, Tidal, Deezer, Amazon Music, BoomPlay, Facebook, Tiktok, Triller, Pandora, etc.

Monetize your Music on 100+ Streaming and Downloading Platforms

1710Media facilitates the Music Distribution process, making it easy for labels and artists to distribute their music digitally across all services and platforms.

We can get your music live on some stores in less than 2 Hours! Over 6000 labels & artists depend on us to distribute their music and we take pride in the consistency and reliability.


Online Music Distribution Features

Worldwide Distribution

Your Music will be accessible across 200+ Countries, on over 100+ platforms.

Pre-Save & Pre-Order

Pre-order and Pre-save option available across stores.

Youtube Monetization

Get paid when other people use your music on YouTube.

Music Smartlink

We offer landing pages that direct your fans to their favorite streaming platform.

Dashboard Access

Login on PC / Mobile to your Dashboard to Monitor real-time stats and trends.

Lyrics Submission

We submit your lyrics via Musixmatch, LyricsFind, Genius, and platforms.

Playlisting Support

We'll pitch your releases not only all the major DSPs, but also to independent curators across numerous platforms.

Music Marketing

We offer a range of Music Marketing and Promotion campaign services to push your music. Contact us prior to your release date to execute your plan.

Online Music Distribution

  • 100+ Streaming and Downloading Platforms including; Spotify, iTunes & Apple Music, Youtube Music, Tidal, Deezer, Amazon Music, BoomPlay, Facebook, Tiktok, Triller, Pandora, etc.

  • Youtube Monetization (Get paid when other people use your music on YouTube).

  • Pre-order and Pre-save option available.

  • Free Video Visualizer.

  • Vevo Delivery.

  • Access to Promolinks (Fanlink).

  • Lyrics submission to; Musixmatch, LyricsFind, Genius, and other platforms.

  • Playlisting Support (We'll pitch your releases not only all the major DSPs, but also to independent curators across numerous platforms).

  • Monitor instant Trends via Customized Dashboard.

  • 2 - 5 days delivery on all platforms.

  • Retain 90% of total earnings, every month. No Minimum threshold.


Apply for Music distribution, release your Single, E.P, and Album everywhere!

Release 1-2 Single tracks.

Release 3-10 E.P tracks.

Release 11-25 Album tracks.


Check out some of the Most Frequently asked questions relating to Music Distribution.

Music distribution is basically the process of getting the completed product (music) into the hands of end-users (public) via retail stores.

Although music can be made available to consumers by self-distributing physical products (CD, Vinyl), but traditional distribution usually goes through a supply chain.

Digital music distribution is the delivery of digital content or media to online music stores or platforms.

A Music distributor’s primary role is to ensure that the completed (packaged) product is available in music stores for purchase.

You get all of the following streaming analytics: number of streams, number of listeners, total listen time, stream origin (organic vs playlist), top locations and breakdown of listener demographics: female vs male, age range, the year when most of your fans were born.

You get all of the following microsite analytics: fan contacts, users, sessions, bounce rate, session length, visits across platforms, social media and pages, top locations and breakdown of listener demographics: female vs male, age range, the year when most of your fans were born.

Sales are reported when we receive them and may take a few months to arrive (Usually every quarter).

Our Music Distribution clients have their Music monetized on Spotify, iTunes & Apple Music, Youtube & Youtube Music, Tidal, Deezer, Amazon & Amazon Music, BoomPlay, Facebook & Instagram, Tiktok & Resso, Triller, Pandora, and every other platform on our list.

We payout royalties quarterly for partners that have reported. You get to retain 90%, we keep 10% of the total royalty generated. No minimum threshold, we pay you no matter how little you earn. We can send payments via Bank Transfer and Western Union.

Most of the time your music will appear within 48 - 72 hours. However, it is recommended that you plan your release date at least 14 days in advance to make sure that it will actually be available everywhere on your desired release date.

If you want your music to be eligible for pitching with the platforms (Spotify playlists, iTunes featured placement, etc), we need the final product uploaded and sent to our retailers at least 4 weeks in advance.

Please take note that during the November/December holidays there may be delays in delivery. So, take precautions!

Audio files requirements;

1. Mastering; In order to ensure a good audio quality and meet the standards of today’s music industry, all audio files must have undergone a professional mastering before their distribution.

2. Audio quality; The audio files should not have any sound imperfection. Audio files containing any background noise and other sound imperfections will not be accepted for distribution.

Format: WAV
Requirements: 16 bit, 44.1 Khz, stereo.

3. Audios and titles; Audio files and track titles must always match. Audios uploaded to non-corresponding tracks are not accepted.

4. Silences, pauses and cuts. Silence, cuts, pauses or extended silences are not allowed. If a song ends with a final silence it should last no longer than ten seconds.

Other kinds of silences, such as cuts or sudden endings, must also be avoided, as they can be misunderstood as audio errors.

Quality and format

1. Quality of images. The cover art must not be any of the following: blurry, pixelated, mismatched, misaligned, rotated, incorrect, stretched, or have other quality issues.

The information shown in the cover image should always match the information of the metadata as accurately as possible and without any class of abbreviation.

2. Dimensions of the cover art. The cover art of all releases must comply with the following requirements, otherwise it will be rejected.

Proportion: Exactly squared
Size: 3000 x 3000 px.
Accepted format: JPG
Mode: RGB (CMYK is not accepted)
Maximum size of file: 10 MB

Must not contain

1. Links and web pages. The cover art can not contain website addresses, websites that sell music, mentions to social media, logos of any stores or services related to entertainment, mentions to physical formats, video formats or any external reference of the digital release.

2. Telephone or email addresses. The cover art can not contain neither telephone numbers nor email addresses.

3. Credits and collaborations. The cover art can include credits or other artists’ names, who are not the primary artists of the release as long as they are justified in the metadata.

The information in the cover will have to reproduce with extreme precision and without abbreviations the information of the metadata.

4. Track listing and illegible texts. The cover art can not contain the track listing.

It is also recommended to use legible fonts in the cover, as the image will be visualized in small formats and it won't be able to appreciate small texts. Texts that are not legible will not be accepted.

5. Descriptions and biographies. The cover art must not include albums descriptions or artists biographies.

6. Digital, physical and video format. The cover art can not include references to it being a digital or physical product (such as “Online”, “CD”, “Compact Disc”, etc.). Mentions to the video format are neither allowed.

Also the cover art must not contain references to contents that are missing in the album, such as “Includes DVD” or “Includes Lyrics”.

Similar expressions like “All Rights Reserved”, “Registered Product”, “Under Copyright”, etc., can not be used. Not even other redundant or unnecessary information.

The release reference number can appear in the cover, but not the UPC or any of the track’s ISRC codes.

7. Pricing. The cover art can not include references to the pricing, or any information with promotional purposes.

8. Pornography and violent contents. The cover art can not include contents that may be racist, pornographic, or glorify or trivialize violence.

9. Offensive symbolism. The cover art must not contain any kind of symbolism that offends a specific group of people or ethnicities, such as Nazi symbolism, restricted by the Strafgesetzbuch section 86a.

10. Misleading information. The cover art must not be misleading. For example, prominently depicting or referencing an artist even though the artist does not perform on the album.

11. Translations and use of special characters. The use of non-occidental or special characters (like Arabic characters, Chinese characters or Greek letters) must be avoided unless they guard an explicit relation with the content.

Side-by-side translations or transliterations of the content are not allowed. The information must be written following the same structure and alphabet as in the metadata.

12. Logos, images and registered brands. All the logos (including the involved texts) must be justified in the metadata. The logos can be related to the artists, producers, labels or other information involved with the musical product.

Designers, photographers and other mentions to the cover artists are not allowed.
Registered brands and private or personal images (from people or companies) can not be included in the cover art.

The only exceptions are when they are visually irrelevant (being part of the background), they accomplish a relevant role (e.g., in a musical) or are justified in the metadata (for example, as the producer or the publisher).

It may be necessary to report the corresponding documentation to maintain registered brands, private images or references to companies or institutions in order to demonstrate the user is allowed to use them.

On your release day, we may add it to our playlist on our Music pages.

We may also add a client's Music to our social rotations on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and tag the artist to help gain exposure.

Your Song might also appear on the 1710Media Music release section, pointing to the stores your music is on, and optimized for Search Engines.

1710Media may also add your release information as part of our newsletters being sent out to our subscribers.