Music Marketing Services for Musicians, Artists & Record Labels

1710Media provides bespoke Music Marketing Services and Career development solutions to artists & Labels who need more than digital distribution.

Expand your audience with our
Music Marketing Support

It’s important to concentrate on the marketing & promotion of your new releases, music videos, tour dates, or even just yourself/your band for the sake of getting the name out there. The aim of music marketing is to grow as an artist (gain listeners, fans, and get your music noticed) while ultimately monetizing that growth in some way.

We want to see your music go global and we understand that not all artists have the industry connections or know-how to make that happen. As part of our distribution service, you will have access to music marketing services and support to bolster your digital presence.

1710Media promotes music for musicians and music labels through tactics like digital ads, social media promotion, email, press, etc. We are experts in getting your music out to a wider audience and building your music career. Our Music Promotion team knows all the ins and outs of music marketing, helping you connect with the right audiences.

Establish Brand Reputation

Building and maintaining a good brand reputation is critical for success in an increasingly music world.

Amplify your voice

Music marketing amplifies your voice and hard work as a creative.

Marketing through a multitude of platforms amplifies your talent; reaching both new and current die-hard fans within minutes, if not seconds. 

Authentic connection with your audience

Through our music marketing services, we can help you to get your music blasting from everyone’s speakers in no time whatsoever.

This gives you a unique opportunity to captivate and engage with your fans; ultimately creating a more authentic and meaningful connection.

What Is Music Marketing?

Music marketing is the act and process of creating, sharing, delivering, and exchanging music offerings that have value to customers, fans, or partners.

So let’s break down this definition.

  • Creating – Marketing is about creating music products (which you’re doing already).
  • Communicating and sharing – Marketing is telling people about your music.
  • Delivering – Marketing is about delivering music to fans and customers.
  • Exchanging music offerings – Your music gives fans value; in exchange, they provide you with value by consuming or buying your music.

Music marketing is about getting your listeners to know who you are, know the genre of your music, why you create music, and why your music is something they want and need to listen to. Marketing is about getting your listeners to know, like, and trust you – elements that are built up over time with the use of marketing.

Depending on your music career level, your marketing strategy will be different. As an artist grows, their marketing goals also change. You can have short-term or long-term strategies. However, both need regular result assessments to know when to change them.


Importance of Music Marketing

A targeted music marketing campaign can lead to increased sales and revenue via streaming, digital downloads, physical sales, higher-paying live performances, sync opportunities and other modes of income.

You are wrong if you are one of the musicians who think only your talent and hard work can determine your position in the music industry. We live in an era of marketing, and the domain of music is no different. Music tracks and albums are also considered a product now, and they need marketing like every other creation out for sale. 

Here is how marketing can ensure your success as a musician: 

  • Make your music reach the right audience by making them aware of your service.
  • Develop a strong relationship between you and your audience. Also, create a loyal fanbase for constant support and word-of-mouth promotion.  
  • Improve online sales of your music, services, and merchandise.
  • Increase booking requests for music productions, recordings, concerts, and shows.
  • Measure your success and compare it with other players in the industry.
  • Help you establish yourself as a professional musician instead of an amateur.

Our Music Marketing Services

Access our extensive range of music marketing services tailored to your needs.

Music Consultation

We offer Music Business Consultation to artists (regardless of experience level) seeking advice, references, inside tips, and general insight into social media, streaming, downloads, digital distribution, publishing, sponsorship, and more.

Release Strategy

Our team can help you develop a marketing plan for your project, including targets and budgets. We’ll create a plan and provide a schedule for us to work together throughout the campaign. We focus heavily on artist and brand growth, introduction to the market, pivoting, and pitching to media sources.

Music Platform Verification

Help your fans know that you are the real deal! We can help you get verified on the top streaming platforms including; YouTube Official Artist Channels (OAC), Spotify and SoundCloud.

Artist Biography Writeup

We produce Professionally written detailed industry-standard Music Artist biographies. Our experts will go the extra mile to ensure your bio is perfect, eye-catching, and relevant.

Blog Placements

We can get your Songs, Videos, Albums, Stories, Press Releases, and articles featured on prominent Websites & Blogs including; Notjustok, Naijaloaded, Tooxclusive, Guardian, Vanguard News, Punch, etc.

Press Kit Design

Let 1710Media create a custom Electronic Press Kit (EPK) giving you the ability to target venues, promoters, and press. Include your music, photos, videos, stats, press, shows, and bio. Make sure your first impression is a lasting one.

Website Design

We design, develop, and market websites for Award winning Artists, Bands, Musicians, Producers, Entertainers, Record labels, blogs, performance groups, Award & Voting Platforms and other businesses in the entertainment industry.

Advertising Management

Advertising campaigns can help to drive attention to your release in ways that playlists can’t. Our team can set up ads across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Spotify, YouTube, and other platforms to help drive results.

Email Marketing

Your fans want to hear from you; We develop and implement Email Marketing services including; Campaign Strategy, Landing Pages Design, List Building & Maintenance, Automation setup, Newsletter Design, etc.

Digital Music PR

We can arrange for feature stories, press releases, news relays, tour announcements, interviews, and music reviews in local, national and international newspapers, magazines, web-zines, blogs, as well as broadcast opportunities for coverage on radio and other media.

Social Media Marketing

We plan, produce and coordinate social media campaigns and activities for brands that want a clear and targeted return on the time and money. We work with artists, celebrities, music venues, and brands, managing the full spectrum of channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

Interview & Media Appearances

We secure on-air or in-person interviews with various media outlets such as TV, radio, or podcast to bring your audience behind the scenes.

Playlists & Placements

Our team of experts have helped secure inclusion of our clients’ music to playlists on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Boomplay, and many other DSPs. We also work with third party curators to further expand the reach of our clients’ music to even more listeners.

Radio Promotion

1710Media promotes and markets music to radio stations and media outlets across Nigeria. Major & Indie artists utilize our Radio Airplay Promotion Service in Promoting their new Music on major Radio stations.

TV Promotion

We can get your Music Videos played daily across Mtv Base, Soundcity TV, HipTv, Trace TV, African Magic, Nigezie, and others.

Why chose 1710Media as your Music Marketing Agency

1710Media Limited is a leading provider of high-quality Marketing Services for the Music Industry. Our Music Marketing Services helps you promote your music to a wider audience and improve your Marketing and Social Media presence.

Whether you're an independent artist with an existing or upcoming release, or a record label looking to further promote and market your roster of artists, our passionate and experienced Music Promotion & Marketing team bring to the table, years of proven strategies, existing relationships within the music industry, and editorial know-how which enables us to: 

  • Use modern marketing strategies to promote your music across multiple platforms.

  • Connect you with the demographic and geographic who are most likely to take an interest in your music and convert into highly engaged fans & followers.

  • Help you devise a bespoke strategy and release plan for your music.

  • We keep track of the latest trends and innovations, develop goal-oriented strategies and ensure all our campaigns meets target.

  • We are a customer-centric music marketing company. We shape our marketing services based on your demands, online needs and financial capacity.


Music Marketing Services FAQs

Check out some of the Most Frequently asked questions relating to Music Marketing Services.

Music marketing is a set of strategies to create and promote the brand and work of an artist, band or music service provider, as well as build a bond with the intended audience or fanbase.

Music marketing generates buzz for your music or music services, creates opportunities for you to engage with current and potential fans, helps you book events more easily, boosts your sales, and communicates your professionalism as an artist.

An effective music marketing strategy involves defining and planning the following elements: establishing your brand and tone of voice, identifying your ideal audience, creating audio, text and visual content to be used in your chosen marketing channels, setting objectives and timelines for achieving them, and knowing what your budget is.

No two strategies are exactly alike, but major labels tend to bombard traditional media (like TV, radio, magazines, and newspapers) with ads. They also use music videos and live performances to monetize and promote their artists.

Independents aren’t much different, but they typically have restrictions labels do not, specifically in terms of financial and personnel resources. So, they will take fuller advantage of more low-cost methods like social media, blogging, email, in addition to other methods already mentioned.

Marketing is essentially the same across every industry. What’s unique about music (and digital products in general) is that it isn’t a consumable product. People don’t just buy one tube of toothpaste. Once they use it up, they buy more of it. Meanwhile, you can’t use up music. Once purchased, you can listen to it as many times as you want. Or, you can even go to a streaming site and stream it as many times as you want (sometimes without a subscription).

People must hear a song to become aware of it. But just because they are aware of it doesn’t mean they necessarily like it. It may take multiple listens. And, maybe if they hear it enough times, they’ll start to like it. If they like it, their chances of buying are much greater. So, people must first hear the music to get to the point where they like it, at which point they may choose to support the artist.

The best marketing channels for you to share the audio, text and visual content you create to promote your music project are: your website and/or online store, social media, ads, music platforms, newsletters, and networking.

The short answer is that it varies a lot. Some artists want to raise funds for their albums. Others want to get on niche radio stations. Still others want to get press exposure. How could there possibly be a one-size-fits-all solution? Virtually every campaign is unique in some way. Even a crowdfunding campaign can vary in scope because different artists want to raise different amounts of money.

A simple brand-building campaign could easily cost #500,000 to #2,000,000 or more depending on your objectives, the length of the campaign, advertising costs, content creation (i.e. video shooting and editing), and a variety of other factors.

Music marketing can cost a lot. But my advice would be to work with individuals and companies that focus on getting you results. If they charge for a bunch of work, and they can’t even show you what they’ve done, or how it has led to new opportunities for you, then their services may not be worth your hard-earned money.

Unfortunately, we can’t offer that service (and – trust us –  you wouldn’t want us to anyway!) We do – however – offer tour support for any touring artist. If an active client is touring, we pitch interviews, sessions, and ticket giveaways for supporting stations in tour markets. We can go after press in tour markets as well.