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Find out how to add music to your Instagram and Facebook story with our quick and easy guide. Sharing music has always been key to growing an audience – whether it’s fans showing songs to their friends, or DJs playing new tracks to a dancefloor of music lovers. Thanks to social media, sharing music has taken on a whole new meaning, giving musicians the power to share their music with a global audience at the click of a button.

You may be familiar with Instagram Stories. It’s the thing in Instagram that lets people post pics & videos that expire in 24 hours. Lesser known is “Music in Stories.” It’s a feature in Instagram Stories that makes it easy for Instagram users to add your music to their stories.

As you probably know, music has been available in Instagram stories since the end of June 2018. By selecting any of our packages, your music will be delivered to Instagram and added to Instagram’s own music library. Thus when you create an Instagram story your music can be found using the Music Sticker and can be integrated into the story.

This function offers you as an artist the fantastic possibility of increasing your audience and reaching (potential) fans.



Why are Facebook and Instagram important for musicians?

The reach of these platforms is phenomenal. In February 2021, Facebook had 2.80 billion monthly active users. If that number isn’t enough, 1.84 billion users visit one of its platforms — Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or Messenger — every day. Also in February 2021, Instagram was estimated to have over 1 billion users worldwide — adding 73.5 million users to its 2020 total.

Instagram and Facebook allow users to easily share photos, videos, live streams, and music with their global community. Both networks continue to dominate the social landscape, and neither looks like they’re going anywhere soon.


Instagram for Musicians: Learn How to grow your Followers

The power of Facebook and Instagram Stories

One feature that is a must for musicians is Stories. This feature can be found on both Facebook and Instagram. Stories allow you to record short video clips that can be edited, filtered, and curated directly from your phone. They act as a short and intimate glimpse into the person behind the account. For musicians, if used correctly, this feature can massively increase your audience. It gives fans a different perspective about the person behind the music. Stories also allow you to link directly to your music on Spotify. Grow your follower numbers, and your Spotify audience is sure to follow! Keep reading to find out how to add a Spotify link to your Stories.


How to add music to an Instagram story

Adding music to your Instagram Story is a smooth and simple process, even if you’re not a digital native. You can even add music from apps like Spotify, Shazam, and SoundCloud — great news for DIY musicians and artists!

Let us walk you through the process in a few simple steps:

  1. Open Instagram on your iOS or Android device.
  2. You can either swipe left from your feed's home screen to open the Stories feature, or just press the plus "+" sign in the top-left corner to create a new Story.
  3. Take or select a photo or video you want to post to your Story.
  4. Along the top of your screen, you’ll see a menu bar. Tap the rounded square smiley face icon — it looks a bit like a Post-It with a folded corner.
  5. In the pop-up, you’ll see a ‘Music’ option. Type a song in the search box or scroll through the listed options.
  6. Tap on the song you want to include.
  7. If you drag the small bar at the bottom of the screen, you can choose the specific segment of the song you want on your Story.
  8. Now, just hit ‘Done’. You can then move the song icon or pinch it to make it larger or smaller to fit your story. Then you’re ready to post your Story.

If you want to share music from Spotify, Shazam, or SoundCloud, the process is very similar. You just need to look under the ‘Share’ options on your preferred platform.

In case you’re wondering how to add music to your Facebook story, it’s very similar to the Instagram process. If you can master adding music on Instagram, you’re sure to be able to do it on Facebook too.

Want people to use your songs in their Instagram Reels?

Instagram has a short-form video feature similar to TikTok called Instagram Reels, which lives right there within the existing Instagram app. You’re going to want your songs to be there so people can record short “Reels” set to your music.

1710Media  makes it simple to get your music on Instagram Reels. If we’ve already delivered your music to Instagram for use in Stories, it will be available in Instagram Reels automatically.

And for the first time on Instagram, your content can be “unconnected” — meaning that no matter how big or small your audience is, the stuff you create CAN reach beyond your existing followers to hundreds of millions of Instagram users, based solely on engagement.

Perhaps more important though is that “user-generated content,” a fancy term for videos other people create using your music, can reach new fans via the same algorithmic processes. All your Reels content will link back to your music catalog or Instagram profile!

One of the coolest things about this new short-form video tool is that your Reels can be posted to your normal Instagram feed, to your Stories, AND archived on a profile tab, similar to how your IGTV videos are grouped together. That means your audience can discover your Reels in multiple ways, and potential fans could see your content surfaced algorithmically in the Explore grid.


How Do I Make Money on Facebook and Instagram + Content ID?

If you submit your tracks to Facebook Music, your music can be used by billions of users across Facebook and Instagram in their organic content. Fans can find your music via the Audio Library and use it in any content they create and share across Facebook’s wide-reaching platforms. You can also verify and submit your song’s lyrics to Instagram, allowing you and your fans to promote your music by adding visual lyrics to Instagram Stories.

Unlike traditional streaming, you earn royalties on Facebook & Instagram whenever a user includes your tracks in their content. Facebook & Instagram pay revenue to the music creator (you!) each time a photo or video is viewed where your music appears. Your royalties are a proportional share of the revenue Facebook has allocated that month based on the total views of photos or videos that contain your tracks. Because of this, the royalty received per view will vary from month to month.


How to add Lyrics to Instagram and Facebook

How to get music on Instagram and Facebook

As an independent artist, you can’t upload your own music directly to platforms like Facebook or Instagram, you need to work with a digital distributor, like 1710Media. We act as the broker between artists and global social media platforms. We make sure that your releases are properly delivered to each network and guarantee that the metadata for every release is uploaded correctly.

We distribute music to over 250 streaming and download services worldwide, and we take care of all the admin tasks that each platform requires.

Our partnership with Facebook, which covers Instagram and other services, allows us to upload content into Facebook’s systems to scan anyone using the said content. The content is then available for use on Instagram and Lip Sync Live. Fans may have their videos or content that may contain your content claimed but, by default, we’re letting everyone share and can take it down at your request.

1710Media will upload your music to the Facebook/Instagram Audio Library where users can select your tracks to include in their photos or videos via Music Stickers. Then we register your tracks with Facebook & Instagram Content ID so that if your music is uploaded into user-made videos, you will then be eligible to claim earnings on those videos. Being on Facebook & Instagram makes sense because it allows you to monetize your tracks on the service. Adding your music to Facebook & Instagram can open up new opportunities for your online music sales.

We can distribute your music to Facebook and Instagram. You can simply select the “Instagram & Facebook” checkbox when uploading your music on 1710Media.

Get started Now!


How to find/use your music on Instagram and Facebook:

After your music has been distributed, anyone can search for it. You can access the music library when you start creating a Story or a Reel.

Instagram & Facebook Stories:

  • Open your application

  • Open the Story setting and take or choose a photo/video

  • Click on the music note either at the top of the pages for Instagram or on the right side for Facebook Stories and look for your track in the search bar


Instagram Reels:

  • Open your application

  • Open the Story setting and choose the Option "Reels" on the bottom next to "Story"

  • Click on the music note on the left side of the page and look for your track in the search bar

Here, your fans will be able to search for you as a specific artist or your specific title, but also get recommendations or browse by genre.

If you’d like to create a Story or a Reel with your own music (which is a good strategy to promote your music), just look for your artist's name. Then you will be able to choose from all the songs you have distributed via Instagram & Facebook.

Remember: The more people use your music on social media, the more royalties and reach you will get!


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