Music Press Release & Blog Placement Service

Our in-house writing team will create unique blog articles about you and your music business that we publish on high-ranking websites to build up valuable SEO authority on Google and to jumpstart the verification process on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, etc.

Increase your Online Presence and make It easier For Fans To Find you On Search Engines

Music blog placements and press release services provide musicians with a strategic approach to gaining coverage and exposure in music blogs, online publications, and media outlets. 

By leveraging the expertise of professionals and utilizing 1710Media's industry connections, musicians can maximize their chances of securing coverage, attracting new fans, and advancing their music careers.

Our services focus on crafting compelling press releases, targeting relevant media contacts, and securing placements in influential music blogs. We also handle press release distribution, ensuring that press releases are strategically timed and targeted to reach the intended audience effectively. 

We track and report the results of blog placements and press releases, providing musicians with valuable insights into the impact and reach of their promotional efforts.

Get featured on high-authority websites and blogs like Notjustok, Tooxclusive, Naijaloaded, Bellanaija, Vanguard News, Pm News, Punch News, The Nation News, etc. 


Why is it important to get your Press releases on Blogs?

  • Media Coverage and Exposure: Getting featured on relevant music blogs and online publications can significantly increase exposure. This exposure helps musicians reach a wider audience, attract new fans, and increase their visibility within the industry. 

  • Credibility and Validation: Being featured on reputable blogs or having press releases published lends credibility and validation to musicians' work. It acts as a stamp of approval, showing that their music has been recognized and endorsed by respected sources within the industry.

  • Industry Attention and Opportunities: Press releases can capture the attention of industry professionals, such as talent scouts, record label representatives, and booking agents. When they come across a press release that highlights an artist's achievements, new releases, or upcoming tours, it can spark interest and potentially lead to new opportunities, collaborations, and partnerships.

  • Brand Building: Blog placements and press releases build a musician's brand identity. Through these mediums, musicians can share their stories, showcase their unique sound and style, and create a consistent image that resonates with their target audience.

  • SEO Benefits: Online blog placements and press releases can have search engine optimization (SEO) benefits, improving online visibility, search engine rankings, and organic traffic.

  • Content for Social Media and Marketing: Blog features and press releases provide musicians with valuable content that can be shared on their social media channels, website, and other marketing platforms. It gives them something newsworthy to promote and helps keep their online presence active and engaging.

  • Press Kits and EPKs: Blog placements and press releases can be included in musicians' press kits or electronic press kits (EPKs). These materials are essential when reaching out to industry professionals, venues, event organizers, or media outlets, providing a concise overview of the musician's achievements and press coverage.

  • Control over the Narrative: Press releases provide musicians with an opportunity to shape the narrative surrounding their music and career. By crafting well-written press releases, artists can control the messaging, highlight their unique story, and showcase their music in the way they want to be perceived. 

  • Long-Term Visibility: Unlike some other forms of promotion, blog placements and press releases can have a lasting impact. Once featured, the content remains accessible online, allowing new audiences to discover and engage with the musician's work even after the initial release.

  • Professional Writing and Formatting: We have experienced writers who specialize in crafting compelling and well-structured press releases. They know how to effectively communicate your story, new music releases, tours, or other updates in a concise and engaging manner. 

  • Wide Distribution and Reach: We can distribute your press release to a broad range of relevant contacts, helping to expand your audience and gain exposure to new fans and industry professionals.

  • Time and Resource Efficiency: Our service handles the entire process, including writing, formatting, and distributing the press release, allowing you to focus on creating music and other aspects of your career.


Get started with Blog Placement & Music PR Service.

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Here are the Features Included In Our Music Blog Placement Service:

Campaign Strategy and Planning: We work with musicians to understand their goals, target audience, and overall marketing strategy. We then create a comprehensive campaign plan tailored to the musician's specific needs.

Press Release Writing: We craft compelling '500-750 words' press releases that effectively convey Musician's stories, new music releases, upcoming events, or other significant announcements. 1710Media ensures the press release is well-written, engaging, and tailored to the target audience.

SEO Optimization: We ensure that press releases and blog placements are optimized for search engines. This includes incorporating relevant keywords, meta tags, and formatting the content in a way that improves search engine visibility and organic rankings.

Comprehensive Blog Research: Conduct thorough research to identify relevant music blogs that align with the musician's genre, style, and target audience.

Music Blog Distribution: Publish Songs, Videos, Albums, and EPs alongside written Press Release across Music Blogs including: Notjustok, Tooxclusive, Naijaloaded, 9jabreed, etc.

News Distribution: Publish Press Releases, News, Articles, Reviews, Interviews, Features, etc. across Online News platforms including: Pm News, This Day, Tribune, Legit Ng, Leadership, Daily Independent, Punch, Guardian, Vanguard, Business Day, Bellanaija, Pulse Ng, etc.

All Blog Placements are 100% Guaranteed or Your Money Back!

Published posts are available on the platforms permanently forever.


Check out some of the Most Frequently asked questions relating to Music PR & Blog Placement Services.

A music press release and blog placement service helps artists and musicians write and distribute press releases and secure placements on influential music blogs and online publications. It aims to generate media coverage, increase exposure, and create buzz around new music releases, events, or artist announcements.

Press release distribution can benefit musicians by generating media coverage, reaching a wider audience, attracting the attention of industry professionals, and increasing the overall visibility and credibility of their music brand.

Yes, we can provide assistance with writing or editing the press release to ensure it effectively communicates the key message and engages the target audience. We work closely with the artist to capture their unique story and present it in a compelling manner.

A music press release should typically include information such as the artist/band name, the announcement or news being shared (new music release, tour announcement, awards, etc.), relevant details about the release (release date, label, producer, collaborators), artist bio, links to music or website, and contact information for media inquiries.

1710Media has an established network of music blogs, online magazines, and industry contacts. We use this network to distribute press releases to relevant outlets that align with the genre and target audience of the artist. We personalize the distribution process, ensuring that the press release reaches the right contacts for maximum exposure.

While we have strong relationships and contacts within the industry, we cannot guarantee specific placements as it depends on the editorial decisions and availability of space on the blogs or publications. However, we work diligently to secure placements on influential and relevant outlets.

The cost of the press release distribution service can vary depending on factors such as the scope of the distribution, the number of outlets targeted, and the additional services offered (press release writing, follow-up outreach, etc.). We offer customized packages tailored to meet your specific needs and budget.

  1. Naijaloaded
  2. Notjustok
  3. Tooxclusive
  4. 9jabreed
  5. xclusiveloaded
  6. xclusivepop
  7. val9ja
  8. the360report
  9. yabamusicng
  10. voxlyrics
  11. okynaija
  12. eastnaija
  13. itsxclusive
  14. sololoaded
  15. abovenaija
  16. naijamusics
  17. mayortunes
  18. talktalktoday
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  32. jokesnaija
  33. 9jaflaver.paidnaija
  34. hipxclusive
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  39. 9jatinz
  40. info9jatv
  41. bankzempire9ja
  42. skywatch
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  44. dalommusic
  45. naijafollows
  46. homekwanza
  47. naijamerit
  48. vibemtaani
  49. batatv
  50. ukjamz
  51. ultimatenaija
  52. primejamz
  53. okaywap
  54. corejamz
  55. agegeloaded
  1. Pm News
  2. Daily Times
  3. Vanguard News
  4. Guardian News
  5. Ynaija
  6. Pulse ng
  7. Bellanaija
  8. The Cable
  9. This Day
  10. Punch News
  11. Business Day
  12. Premium Times
  13. The Nation
  14. Tribune
  15. Legit Ng
  16. Leadership
  17. Daily Independent
  18. Daily Times
  19. New Telegraph
  20. The Sun
  21. The News
  22. Nigerian Eye
  23. Naijagists
  24. Tori News
  25. CKN News
  26. The Will
  27. Ripples Nigeria
  28. The Tide News
  29. The Herald Ng
  30. Point Blank News
  31. Hallmark News
  32. African Examiner
  33. Golden Newsng

International Media Outlets we Distribute Press Releases on;

Digital Journal
Forbes Africa
Fox 54 News Now
FOX 40
FOX 43
FOX 21
FOX 34
FOX 28
USA Today AZ Central, plus 100+ other websites.

The short answer is yes, eventually. Instagram doesn't come out and say what their exact requirements are, but it is known that is based almost entirely on an 'authority' score generated by online press.