TV Music Promotion & Airplay Services

Our TV Music Promotion gets your Music Videos played daily across Mtv Base, Soundcity TV, HipTv, Trace TV, African Magic, Nigezie, and others.

Want to see your video on Soundcity, MTVbase, TraceTv, HipTv and more?

Want to see your Music Video play regularly on — Soundcity Tv, MTVbase, TraceTv, HipTv and more?

1710Media specializes in helping musicians secure airplay for their music videos on television channels. We have established relationships with television networks, channels, and programming decision-makers, which we leverage to increase the visibility and exposure of artists' music.

We have years of experience promoting music videos and securing the airplay your music video needs to be seen by huge national and international audiences.

Our Music Tv Networks include; MTV Base, Hip Tv, Soundcity Tv, Trace Tv, Africa Magic Yoruba, Afropop Tv, Planet Tv, Nigezie Tv, Kennis Tv, Music Africa, Boombox, STV, Ebony Life Tv, Rave Tv, TVC, NTA, Wazobia Tv, AIT, and many others.

The outcome of airing your video on these popular networks is having an audience of over 1,000,000+. These Airplays will Organically increase your views by driving new fans to your social sites, and streaming pages.

Once on air, we'll provide you with tracking reports updating you with the airplay your video is receiving, including demographics and air dates.


Why is it important to get your Music Video on Television?

  • Increased Visibility: Television reaches a wide audience, offering significant exposure for your music. Being featured on TV allows you to reach viewers who may not have discovered your music otherwise. It can help expand your fan base and create new opportunities for growth.

  • Credibility and Validation: Having your music featured on TV adds credibility and validation to your work. It signifies that industry professionals have recognized your talent and deemed your music worthy of airplay. This can enhance your reputation as an artist and increase your perceived value in the eyes of fans, industry professionals, and potential collaborators.

  • Broad Audience Reach: Television provides access to a diverse audience, including viewers from different demographics, regions, and backgrounds. It allows you to connect with a larger and more varied audience than other mediums, potentially introducing your music to new fans and listeners.

  • Branding and Image Building: TV exposure can contribute to shaping your brand and image as an artist. The visual and auditory impact of music videos or performances on TV allows you to showcase your unique style, creativity, and stage presence. It helps create a memorable impression and can leave a lasting impact on viewers.

  • Industry Opportunities: Getting your music on TV can open doors to additional industry opportunities. It may attract the attention of music supervisors, film and TV producers, advertisers, and other industry professionals who are constantly seeking new music for various projects. This can lead to licensing opportunities, synchronization deals, collaborations, or even scoring music for visual media.

  • Fan Engagement and Connection: Seeing your music on TV can generate excitement and engagement among your existing fan base. It gives them a chance to see you in action and share the experience with others. TV appearances can also serve as conversation starters, creating buzz and fostering a deeper connection between you and your fans.

  • Revenue Generation: TV exposure can potentially lead to financial benefits. Through performance royalties, synchronization licenses, or other forms of monetization, your music being featured on TV can generate income and contribute to your overall revenue stream as an artist.

Get Played on Television

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Here are the Features Included In Our TV Music Promotion Service:

Customized TV Campaign Strategy: We develop a tailored Television campaign strategy based on your goals and budget. Determining the optimal timing, duration, and frequency of airplay to maximize the impact of the campaign.

Video Selection and Feedback: We assist musicians in selecting the most suitable Videos for Tv airplay, considering factors such as genre preferences, commercial potential, and market trends. We also provide constructive feedback on the Video's production quality, TV-friendliness, and potential for success.

TV Promotion Materials: We create professional promotional materials to support the Tv campaign including a well-crafted artist biography, press release, and any other relevant assets that can be provided to music television stations to enhance promotional efforts.

TV Submission and Follow-Up: 1710Media handles the submission process to Music television stations, ensuring all required information is provided accurately.

TV Station Relationships: We foster relationships with program directors, music directors, VJs, and other key personnel at Music television stations and maintain regular communication to stay informed about programming decisions, and industry trends.

Reporting and Analytics: We provide regular reports on the progress and results of the TV campaign. This may include information on the stations that have played the artist's video, the frequency of airplay, listener feedback, and any chart positions or rankings achieved.

Additional Promotional Support: We offer supplementary promotional support to maximize the impact of the Music TV campaign including coordinating interviews, live performances, acoustic sessions, or other promotional activities that can help generate buzz and engagement.

Regional and National Campaigns: We develop strategies and campaigns that target specific regions or go for a broader national approach, depending on the artist's objectives and resources. 


Check out some of the Most Frequently asked questions relating to Music Tv Promotion.

Now more than ever, music fans love to not only hear a song but to see the visuals you create. Your new music video is essential in establishing your buzz, brand, and identity as an artist, so effective music video promotion is imperative to getting your music video in front of the maximum amount of viewers and new fans possible.

  • Some music lovers rely heavily on TV to know about new music videos as they can’t keep up with all the updates on the Internet.
  • Many offices or workshops have a TV playing all through the day – you need them to know about your song.
  • Internet promotion mostly gets to the youth, but if you need to reach a more mature & older audience, TV is also a good route.

We have partnerships and connections with a range of television networks and channels. Our network includes major networks, regional channels, niche channels, and specialized music programs, depending on the target audience and genre.

  • MTV Base
  • Hip Tv
  • Soundcity Tv
  • Trace Tv
  • Africa Magic Yoruba
  • Africa Magic
  • Channel O
  • Afropop Tv
  • Planet Tv
  • Nigezie Tv
  • Kennis Tv
  • Music Africa
  • Boombox
  • STV
  • Ebony Life Tv
  • Rave Tv
  • TVC
  • NTA
  • Wazobia Tv
  • AIT, and many others.

The submission process typically involves artists submitting their music videos to 1710Media for consideration. We'll review the submissions and select videos with the potential for airplay based on various criteria such as quality, genre, budget, and marketability.

Using 1710Media increases your chances of getting your music aired on television, reaching a larger audience, and potentially attracting new fans and industry opportunities.

While we cannot guarantee airplay due to the discretion of television networks and programming decisions, we have established relationships and strategies to maximize the chances of your music video being aired. 

We provide detailed reporting on the airplay performance of your music videos, including information on the channels, programs, airplay dates, and audience reach. This allows you to track the progress of your promotional campaign.

Yes, we can provide additional promotional services such as social media promotion, online advertising, radio promotion, or coordination with other media outlets to enhance your overall promotional campaign.

The cost of our services varies depending on factors such as the scope of promotion, the kind of music, target networks, and promotional strategies employed. We offer customized packages tailored to meet your specific needs and budget.

Your music video is always GUARANTEED airtime on all platforms, as long as they follow within the guidelines shown below:

  • Compression Type: H.264
  • File Format: .mov or .mp4
  • Dimensions: 1920x1080 (preferred) or 1280x720
  • Frame Rate: Native (No less than 23.98)
  • Bit Rate: Minimum 7500 kb/s. Unrestricted is OK but we recommend that you restrict your video bitrate to no more than 10mb/s.
  • File must be de-Interlaced (Please, No Interlacing)
  • Multi-pass encoding is preferred, Single-pass encoding isn’t
  • Please export all encodes using Compressor or Quicktime.
  • Do not use frame re-ordering in your encoding settings
  • Do not include front or end slates (displaying metadata), title or end cards, bars and tones, etc.
  • Audio
  • Format: AAC
  • Channels: Stereo (L R)
  • Sample Rate: 44.100 kHz
  • Bit Rate: 320 kbps CBR

    All videos delivered must be clean, evergreen and a premium music video experience. Content must be able to serve an On Demand & Lean Back (linear) audience which does not conflict with video advertisers.