Radio Promotion & Airplay Services

Major & Indie artists utilize our Radio Promotion & Airplay Services in Promoting Music on major Radio stations across Nigeria.

Radio Airplay & Promotion Services

We can get your music on all major Radio stations —
for steady spins in most parts of Nigeria

People listen to the radio EVERY DAY, and there is a tremendous amount of potential for your music if it can get played on the radio consistently. With our affordable radio promotion, you can be sure that your music will be heard by millions of people in few days.

Depending on your goals, we can develop a targeted radio campaign with a National, Regional, or Campus focus. Our campaigns targets the most appropriate outlets for your release. We solicit these stations for airplay in addition to setting up radio interviews upon requests.

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Your first step is to submit your music to us for review. We'll be in touch to discuss and present you with options for sending your music to network programmers we work with.

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Check out some of the Most Frequently asked questions relating to Radio Promotion.

For the majority of musicians, radio airplay is not an easy thing to get. It is usually years of work, dozens of songs, careful and meticulous building of the audience and character on other music streaming services or social media.

One of the areas where streaming services like Spotify won’t outplay radio is building of the regional popularity, and making your name recognizable there. That’s why radio is still a very competitive place in the modern music industry. How to beat your competitor on radio if not by getting radio airplay heavy rotation?

Sadly, there is no universal strategy for getting airplay on radio that fits everyone. However, there are some possibilities to shift the scale to your favor. Consider radio airplay as another possibility to promote your works, to gain audience and get recognition.

  • Some music lovers rely heavily on radio to know about new music as they can’t keep up with all the updates on the Internet.
  • Many offices or workshops have radio playing all through the day – you need them to know about your song.
  • Most busy people work in companies but love music gets to know about new songs when driving home in the comfort of their car.
  • Internet promotion gets to the youth mostly but if you need to reach a more matured & older audience, radio is also a good route to take.

Lagos Radio Stations

  • Rhythm FM
  • Soundcity Fm
  • Beat Fm
  • Brilla Fm
  • Raypower Fm
  • Star Fm
  • Rainbow FM
  • Top Radio
  • Eko Fm
  • Hot Fm
  • Kiss FM
  • Wazobia Fm
  • City FM
  • Traffic Radio
  • Jordan Fm
  • Max FM
  • Unilag Fm
  • Lasgidi Fm
  • Cool Fm
  • Naija Fm
  • Urban Fm
  • Radio Continental
  • Kennis Fm
  • Women Radio
  • Lasu Fm
  • Noun Fm
  • Yabatech Fm
  • Smooth Fm
  • Correct Fm
  • Faaji Fm
  • Jordan Fm

Oyo / Ibadan Radio Stations

  • Inspiration Fm
  • R2 Fm
  • Splash Fm
  • Lagelu Fm
  • Beat Fm
  • Naija Fm
  • Diamond Fm
  • Premier Fm
  • Space Fm
  • Lead City Fm
  • Star Fm
  • 32 Fm
  • Raypower Fm
  • Jamz Fm
  • Fresh Fm
  • Gravity Fm
  • Yes Fm
  • Parrot Fm
  • Thrill Fm
  • Noble Fm

Osun / Osogbo Radio Stations

  • Rave FM
  • Oodua Fm
  • Great Fm
  • Raypower Fm
  • Unique Fm
  • Living Spring Fm
  • Crown Fm
  • Gold Fm
  • Fresh Fm
  • JABU Fm
  • Adeleke Uni FM
  • Fedpoly Ede Radio
  • Bowen Radio
  • Redeemers' Fm
  • Ospoly Fm
  • Uniosun Fm

Ogun / Abeokuta Radio Stations

  • OOU Fm
  • Hope Fm
  • Rockcity Fm
  • Family Fm
  • OGBC Fm
  • Arystocratz Radio
  • Women Fm
  • Hebron Fm
  • Sweet Fm
  • Kennis Fm
  • Cock Fm
  • Smash Fm
  • Lion Fm
  • Super Fm
  • Roots Fm
  • Timbol Fm

Ondo / Akure Radio Stations

  • FUTA Fm
  • Empire Fm
  • Adaba Fm
  • Empire Fm
  • Orange Fm
  • Positive Radio
  • Suncity Fm
  • Excel Fm
  • Raypower Fm
  • Music & Culture Fm
  • Crest Fm
  • Eki Fm

Enugu Radio Stations

  • Dream Fm
  • Solid Fm
  • Urban Radio
  • Correct FM
  • Love FM
  • Coal City Fm

Anambra Radio Stations

  • Omega Fm
  • Ogene Fm
  • Radio Sapientia
  • City Radio FM
  • Wazobia Fm
  • Odenigbo Fm

Delta Radio Stations

  • Trend Fm
  • Raypower Fm
  • Mega Fm
  • Crown Fm

Edo / Benin Radio Stations

  • Vibez Fm
  • Raypower Fm
  • Hot Fm

Bayelsa Radio Stations

  • Raypower Fm
  • Rhythm Fm
  • Royal Fm

Cross-River Radio Stations

  • Hit Fm
  • Fad FM
  • Sparkling Fm

Abia Radio Stations

  • Flow Fm
  • Buzz Fm
  • Love Fm


Ebonyi Radio Stations

  • Salt Fm
  • Unity Fm

Imo Radio Stations

  • Zanders Fm
  • Darling Fm
  • Hot Fm
  • Rich Fm
  • Boss Radio

Rivers / Port Harcourt Radio Stations

  • Love Fm
  • Naija Fm
  • Cool Fm

Akwa-Ibom Radio Stations

  • Atlantic FM
  • Inspiration Fm
  • Paradise Fm
  • Passion Fm

Kwara / Ilorin Radio Stations

  • Okin Fm
  • Royal Fm
  • Albraka Fm
  • Midland Fm
  • Raypower Fm
  • Unilorin Fm
  • Kwasu Fm
  • Harmony Fm (Radio Nigeria)
  • Sobi Fm
  • Radio Kwara
  • Ariya Fm
  • SBS Fm


Abuja / FCT Radio Stations

  • Love Fm
  • Kiss Fm
  • Wazobia Fm
  • Human Right
  • Raypower
  • Aso Radio
  • Liberty Radio
  • Cool Fm
  • Rhythms Fm
  • Soundcity Fm
  • Nigeria info
  • Max Fm
  • Hot Fm
  • Independent Fm
  • Jordan Fm


Benue / Ilorin Radio Stations

  • Joy Fm
  • Choice Fm

**Kogi, Nasarawa, Niger, Plateau


Kano Radio Stations

  • Cool Fm
  • Gotel Fm
  • Express Fm

Kaduna Radio Stations

  • Liberty Fm
  • Brilla Fm
  • Supreme Fm


**Adamawa, Bauchi, Borno, Gombe, Taraba, Yobe, Katsina, Kebbi, Sokoto, Jigawa, Zamfara

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