The Insider's Guide to Securing Radio Play

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For musicians, securing radio play remains a powerful and influential way to reach a vast audience and gain recognition in the music industry. However, breaking into radio airwaves can be a daunting task, especially for independent artists. This is where 1710Media, a leading music agency, can make a significant difference.

Our firm specializes in helping musicians secure valuable radio play opportunities through strategic promotion, industry connections, and expert media outreach. In this blog post, we will provide an insider's guide to securing radio play and explore how 1710Media paves the way for artists to thrive on the airwaves.


1. Understanding the Importance of Radio Play:

Radio play remains a crucial component of music promotion, as it provides exposure to diverse audiences, including potential fans, industry professionals, and music executives. It enhances your credibility as an artist and helps build a dedicated fan base.


2. Developing a Compelling Pitch:

To secure radio play, a compelling pitch is essential. 1710Media works closely with artists to craft well-crafted pitches that showcase your music's unique selling points. We tailor pitches to fit the preferences of various radio stations and programs, increasing the chances of getting airplay.


3. Navigating Radio Station Preferences:

Different radio stations have varying preferences and music genres they cater to. 1710Media's in-depth understanding of radio station formats and target audiences enables us to identify the most suitable stations for your music. Our tailored approach ensures your music aligns with the programming of each station, increasing the likelihood of acceptance.


4. Strategic Media Outreach:

Securing radio play requires a strategic media outreach campaign. 1710Media leverages our extensive network of radio programmers, DJs, and industry influencers to create impactful relationships. Our firm reaches out to key decision-makers to get your music in front of the right ears.


5. Navigating Radio Submission Processes:

Radio stations have specific submission processes, and 1710Media assists musicians in navigating these protocols. From formatting your music for radio play to providing all necessary information, our expertise streamlines the submission process and ensures your music meets radio station requirements.


6. Follow-Ups and Relationship Building:

Securing radio play often involves persistent follow-ups and relationship building. 1710Media maintains communication with radio programmers to keep your music on their radar. Building and nurturing these relationships increases your chances of continued airplay and potential future collaborations.


7. Leveraging Radio Play for Further Opportunities:

Radio play opens doors to additional opportunities, such as interviews, live performances, and even festival bookings. We utilize radio play as a springboard for further exposure and engagement, elevating your music career to new heights.


8. Monitoring and Reporting:

Once your music is on the airwaves, 1710Media diligently monitors its performance. We provide detailed reports on airplay, audience feedback, and listener engagement. These insights help you gauge the impact of your radio play campaign and inform future strategies.



Securing radio play is a crucial milestone for musicians seeking to amplify their reach and establish a lasting presence in the music industry. 1710Media offers an insider's guide to securing radio play through compelling pitches, strategic media outreach, and relationship building with radio stations.

Our tailored approach ensures your music aligns with radio station preferences, increasing the likelihood of airplay and exposure to diverse audiences. As your music graces the airwaves, 1710Media leverages this opportunity to open doors to further opportunities and elevate your music career.

By partnering with 1710Media, musicians gain a dedicated ally in navigating the intricacies of securing radio play, leaving no stone unturned in expanding your music's reach and making a lasting impact on the airwaves. Embrace the power of radio play with 1710Media Music PR, and watch your music soar to new heights of recognition and success on the airwaves.


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