Explain Your Journey With A Music Website

1710Media creates professional Websites for; ARTIST / BAND, RECORD LABEL, MANAGEMENT, STUDIO / PRODUCER, MUSIC BLOG, DJ.

Having a music website is a necessity and we aren't just talking about a do-it-yourself one. If your website isn't fan-engaging, designed for mobile, successfully collecting new subscriptions, monetized with a music store and "music seo" optimized, you’re setting yourself years back in regards to the competition.

Not just that but do you know that you can't qualify for a verified Facebook page without having a website? Yes, it's little secrets like these that tend to hold the majority of artist back.

1710Media will will set you up with a professional website built for the future designed to get you more plays, more money and more engagement from fans.

A website that will be professionally and beautifully crafted just for you, will look stunning any device, which will make you stand out from the crowd, Engage and grow your fan base, Showcase your music and videos and sell your music with ease while retaining 100% of your sales and royalties.

We host sites on a secured, protected, and monitored environment that stays ahead of threats.

What Is Included In Our Music Website Design Package?

A high quality website to showcase yourself and your music.
Sell your music and make money.
Free custom .Com address.
Unlimited albums and tracks uploads.
Responsive and Optimized for desktop, tablet and smartphones.
An astonishing photo gallery to exhibit your photos.
An online video player to stream and download your videos.
Audio player to play and download your songs.
Links to your social networks.
Optimized for search engines
Artiste booking system.
Shop to sell your merchs & other products.
Interactive live chat system.
Unlimited page design
Custom music blog included.
Collect fans; capture email addresses and other data.
Powerful analytics.
Access to back end of site.
Ssl security included.
24/7 customer support.
Tour calendar.
Album pre-order.
Electronic press kit (epk).
Integrate key social media content
Maximise the number of social media followers attained via site visits
Can be integrated with your e-newsletters, so that when you update your news page, the same news gets sent to your mailing list.
Are competitively priced.

There is more to the Internet than just social media websites and apps. Creating and using your own website is an important part of promotion for a musician or record label. It will help in promoting, networking, in a cost-effective way.

1710Media creates a mobile-friendly web experience your fans will love. Stream tracks, share videos, build your email list, grow your social media presence, and sell music and merch. SEO optimized. Custom design to you and nobody else! We do not use templates.

When you order this music website design package you will get a music website designed and inspired for the top notch superstar artist on the rise.

We design music websites designed to help you collect new subscribers, showcase your latest songs, albums, photos and more.

Music Website Design Payment

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