Music Publishing Administration Service

Our Music Publishing Administration Service at 1710Media offers a comprehensive range of services to assist composers, songwriters, and sub-music publishers in managing their music catalogs and maximizing their earning potential. 

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By availing our music publishing administration service, you can focus on your creative work while we handle the administrative tasks, royalty collection, and licensing opportunities. 

1710Media specializes in managing the administrative aspects of music publishing for songwriters and composers. Our services are designed to protect and monetize the rights and royalties associated with musical compositions.

We assist songwriters and composers in registering their musical works with relevant performing rights organizations (PROs) such as MCSN, ASCAP, PRS, BMI, SESAC, GEMA, IMRO, ABRAMUS, GHAMRO, SAMRO, and many more. This ensures that the ownership and rights to the compositions are legally established.

As your publishing administrator, we handle the collection of royalties from various sources including mechanical royalties from physical and digital sales; performance royalties from radio, TV, live performances, and streaming platforms; and synchronization royalties from music used in films, commercials, and other media. 


Why is it important to sign up for our Music Publishing Admin service? 

  • Royalty Income: Publishing rights royalties provide musicians with income from their songwriting efforts and use of composition. Musicians earn royalties whenever their compositions are used, performed, recorded, streamed, or broadcasted.  

  • Copyright Protection: Publishing rights come with copyright protection, which safeguards composers' and songwriters' compositions from unauthorized use or reproduction. 

  • Global Royalty Collection: Publishing rights allow composers and songwriters to collect royalties globally. 1710Media has networks in place to collect and distribute royalties from Nigeria and other various territories. This global reach ensures that composers and songwriters receive fair compensation for the use of their compositions worldwide.

  • Licensing Opportunities: Publishing rights open up licensing opportunities for composers and songwriters. We can license your compositions for various uses, such as synchronization in films, TV shows, commercials, and video games. 

  • Residual Income: Publishing rights royalties can generate residual income for composers and songwriters. As your compositions continue to be used and generate royalties over time, you can enjoy ongoing financial benefits, even from older works. This residual income provides long-term support and stability.

  • Legacy and Estate Planning: Publishing rights royalties contribute to composers' and songwriters' legacy and estate planning. Their compositions can continue to generate income for themselves, their families, and their estates, ensuring ongoing financial support and preserving their artistic contributions for future generations.

  • Royalties from Covers and Samples: With publishing rights, musicians can earn royalties when their songs are covered by other artists or sampled in other compositions. This allows musicians to benefit from the popularity and success of renditions or adaptations of their songs, expanding their revenue streams.

  • Royalty Collection and Administration: 1710Media handles the complex task of royalty collection and administration on behalf of composers and songwriters. We ensure that you receive the royalties owed to you from various sources, such as streaming platforms, radio broadcasts, live performances, synchronization licenses, and more. This saves you time and effort in managing multiple royalty streams and ensures you are fairly compensated for your work.

  • Focus on Creative Work: By entrusting the administrative tasks to 1710Media, you can focus more on your creative work. 

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Here are the Features included in our Music Publishing Administration Service:

Registration and Metadata Management: 1710Media helps register your musical compositions with the appropriate performing rights organizations (PROs) and copyright offices worldwide. We manage the metadata associated with your compositions, such as song titles, songwriter information, publishing splits, ISWC, etc.

Worldwide Administration: We have established relationships with collecting societies and performance rights organizations in Nigeria and globally, maximizing your royalty earnings by ensuring you receive payments from all eligible sources.

Rights Management and Licensing: We assist in managing and licensing the rights associated with musical compositions including granting licenses for the use of compositions in various formats, such as synchronization licenses for film and TV, mechanical licenses for cover recordings, and performance licenses for live performances.

Royalty Collection: Our service handles the collection of royalties on your behalf from various sources, including performance royalties (live performances, radio airplay), mechanical royalties (sales and streaming), and  synchronization royalties (use of music in TV, film, commercials, etc.)

Worldwide Royalty Tracking: We track your royalties globally and ensure that you receive all the royalties owed to you from different territories and licensing agreements. 

Song Registration and Catalog Management: Our service assists in registering new songs and managing your catalog, including adding new compositions, updating metadata, and organizing your works for easier management and licensing opportunities.

YouTube Content ID: We offer YouTube Content ID management, which helps identify and monetize user-uploaded YouTube videos containing your music ensuring that you receive ad revenue from these videos.

Transparent Reporting and Accounting: We provide detailed royalty statements and financial reports, summarizing your earnings from various sources and providing insights into your revenue streams and performance.

Copyright Protection and Enforcement: 1710Media Limited offers assistance in copyright protection, including issuing takedown notices for unauthorized use of your compositions and pursuing legal actions against infringement if necessary.

Sync Licensing Opportunities: We actively seek synchronization licensing opportunities for your music, connecting your compositions with film, TV, advertising, and other media projects to generate additional revenue and exposure.

Promotion and Marketing Support: As part of managing publishing rights, we provide promotion and marketing support to composers and songwriters. We can help increase the visibility of their compositions, pitch songs for placements, and explore opportunities for collaborations and sync licensing. 

Creative Support and Guidance: 1710Media offers creative support and guidance to composers and songwriters. Our expertise and industry knowledge can be valuable in shaping your artistic direction.


Check out some of the Most Frequently asked questions relating to Music Publishing Administration:

Music publishing administration involves the management and exploitation of the rights associated with musical compositions. It includes tasks such as copyright registration, royalty collection, licensing, synchronization, and royalty distribution. Music publishing administrators act as intermediaries between songwriters, composers, and music users to ensure proper copyright protection and monetization of their works.

We act as a publishing administrator for our clients, meaning we can register songs and collect royalties on their behalf without owning any percentage of their copyrights.

With 1710Media as your administrator, your works will be connected to Performing Rights Organizations (PROs), Collective Management Organizations (CMOs), and other collection socities locally and internationally.

We register songs with 60+ performance and mechanical collection societies worldwide in order to collect royalties generated from sales, streams, radio play, live performances, television broadcasts, etc.

The various societies process the registrations at different paces, and pay royalties out on varying timelines, so it typically takes 4-12 months before clients see their first royalty statement.

After the initial statement, as long as royalties are being generated, they'll be paid out by us quarterly on the following quarter they are released. We take a 10% commission on all royalties we collect on your behalf.

Musicians benefit from music publishing administration as it helps them protect their rights, maximize their earnings, and expand their reach.

1710Media handles the complex administrative tasks related to licensing, royalty collection, and copyright management, allowing musicians to focus on their creative work while ensuring they receive proper compensation for their compositions.

Music Publishing Administration involves the administration and collection of royalties related to musical compositions. Publishing administration allows you to collect royalties from the usage of your musical compositions worldwide. 

Music Copyrighting involves the registration of a composition with the NCC as a legal copyright. Filing a registration of your song with the NCC allows you to make a legal case against any entity or individual who steals your original creative ideas. Get Started with Music Copyright Registration. 

Performance royalties are earned when your composition is played on digital radio-like services (e.g. Pandora), when your composition is accessed and played through on-demand streaming services (e.g. Spotify), and when your composition is performed in venues, bars, and restaurants. 


Mechanical royalties are those you earn for any reproduction of one of your compositions. There are a few instances where mechanical royalties will come into play.

Today, mechanical royalties from streaming services are the most prominent form you can earn. Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL, and others will pay you a small amount for every stream your songs receive.

This is situation-dependent on the deal you signed with the record label and/or if you've given up publishing rights to your music. You will need to do some close research to discern which songs (if any) you are allowed to register and collect with our service. Please address this situation carefully with your label(s).

If the label states in the contract that it owns a percentage in your composition/publishing, explicitly states that it is the publisher and assumes all responsibilities thereof, including to handle administration and collection of all publishing royalties worldwide, then you shouldn’t register with us the songs released by that label. (But you can still register with us as a songwriter for publishing administration to collect publishing royalties for your other songs.)

However, some record labels can get confused. The definition of “publishing” is unclear to some, and some call themselves the “publisher” of a song. It gets tricky when the label claims to be the publisher but there is no explicit statement of any of the above in your artist-label contract. If there is no explicit statement of this and if you have never received any publishing royalties from your label or from your PRO, then your label is not the publisher and cannot claim it. We can be your publishing administrator for your song.

No. As a publishing administrator, we take no ownership of your copyrights. We collect a 10% fee on anything we collect for you. When the term is over you are free to renew, take over the administration yourself, or sign with another publisher. You always keep ownership of your publishing with 1710Media.

Performing rights organizations like ASCAP, MCSN, BMI, and SESAC collect your performance royalties only, and we work with them to collect these royalties on your behalf. In addition, 1710Media is also able to collect different types of royalties for you, some of which are nearly impossible to collect without a publishing administrator.