Music Copyright Registration

1710Media provides the fastest and most affordable way for you to protect yourself and your copyrights. Register and protect music from theft and plagiarism.

Copyright actually exists the very moment an original song, lyrical work or piece of music is created and fixed in a tangible and accessible form or media such as it being recorded or written down. However, should that work become subject to a dispute or be infringed upon, proof of copyright ownership is not only essential, it is also a legal requirement in a court of law. 

Music Copyright Registration keeps you in control of your original work, protects you from theft and misuse, and enables you to pursue legal action if someone infringes on your work. Let us help you navigate the proper copyright registration of your new single, upcoming album, and/or the music your fans are already enjoying!

When registering your songs / lyrics Copyrights we include the registration of all additional and associated rights as set out below:

  • The Music / Melody
  • The lyrics
  • The Arrangements
  • The Production
  • The Performance
  • The Artwork (Album / CD Cover)
  • Your Band / Stage or Performers name


Music Copyright Registration Features

Protect music from Theft

Register and protect music from theft and plagiarism. According to updated regulations, you must register with the NCC before you can file a lawsuit.

Copyright Registration

Our service includes the preparation, review, e-filing, and handling of correspondence until you receive your certificate of registration.

Copyright Certificate

Copyright Certificate will provide you with the necessary proof of ownership as from the date of registration.

Collect Damages

You enjoy the right to earn money from this work by determining the condition under which the work may be commercially used by a third party.

moral rights

You enjoy the right to be acknowledged in any use made of work and also to prevent any derogatory use, alteration, distortion, or mutilation of same.

Works Registration

We help you register your songs, albums, beats, lyrics, and other musical projects with the Nigerian Copyright Commission - faster than ever before.

Lifetime Protection

Registration will protect your songs, lyrics & music and will last for the whole of your lifetime plus a minimum of fifty years after your death.

Database Listing

Record the registration with the public database of copyright ownership.

Proof in Court

Use your registration as factual evidence in a court of law.

worldwide protection

Works of Nigerian citizens enjoy protection in 178+ other territories, including most major countries.

  • Register and protect music from theft and plagiarism.

  • We file your application with the Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC).

  • Our service includes the preparation, review, e-filing, and delivery of your certificate of registration.

  • Receive Official Copyright Certificate. Valid for your lifetime plus a minimum of 50 years after.

  • Register your songs, albums, beats, lyrics, and other musical projects.

  • Enjoy protection in Nigeria and 178+ other territories.

  • Registration will protect your songs, lyrics & music and will last for the whole of your lifetime plus a minimum of fifty years after your death.


Check out some of the Most Frequently asked questions relating to Music Copyright Registration.

Copyright can be defined as the "Right To Copy". The party who possesses the "right to copy" is the copyright owner.

Under a system of National Laws and International Copyright Treaties, the copyright owner has the "exclusive right" to perform, display, print, record, or otherwise reproduce the work in any way.

Others can obtain permission to use someone's copyrighted work by receiving a License from the copyright owner(s) or their authorized agents.

Copyright protection is automatic. The act of creating and fixing the work also creates the Copyright. There is no requirement to register for Copyright.

For example, copyright in musical work and/or sound recording begins automatically once a piece of music is created and recorded (e.g. on video, tape or CD or by simply writing down the notation of a score).

In Nigeria, copyright in musical work holds for the lifetime of the author and seventy years after the death of the author, while copyright in sound recording holds for fifty years after the end of the year in which the recording was first published.

Under Copyright Law, the Songwriter and / or Composer has certain rights including the exclusive right to gain economic reward for their creative efforts.

These rights are granted by default the moment the songs, music or lyrics are written down or recorded. By registering your work you will help establish and endorse these rights with immediate effect from the date of registration. (specified on the issued Copyright Certificate).

Copyright is an exclusive right and gives the creator or owner of a work a “basket of rights”, which includes; the sole right to reproduce the copyrighted work in any material form, to publish the work, to perform the work in public, to make any cinematograph film or a record in respect of the work, to broadcast or communicate the work to the public by loudspeaker or other similar device, to issue sell or rent copies to the public, etc.

If you plan to sell, license or otherwise monetize your content, protecting your intellectual property is the most important and critical step that you can take - especially if you’re working with collaborators. Here’s why:  

  • Without an agreement in place, each of your collaborators by default will own an equal share of the content you create together regardless of how minor or major their contribution is.
  • Simply paying someone does not create a work for hire arrangement - an actual work for hire contract is required.
  • When you want to sell or license your content via a third party partner, you will likely need to disclose the owners of the content and their respective shares. You may also need to obtain permission from your collaborators to enter into an agreement with third parties. This is easier to do when you have agreements that establish ownership beforehand.

Establishing and protecting ownership of your content now can save you time, money and the frustration of content-related issues (e.g. lawsuits, arguments, loss of income, etc.) in the future.