Social Media Strategy Mistakes Musicians Should Avoid

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Are you wondering why no one follows your Instagram account despite your constant posting of your beautiful photos? Or why your Facebook engagement rate is close to zero even though you post great videos that tend to be the most efficient way to engage your audience?

We bet you put a lot of effort in enhancing your social media presence and get a bit frustrated when it doesn’t bring results.

1710 Media is here to help you find out what you are doing wrong. Following the most personalized and customized social media strategy can boost the number of likes and follows, but if you continue doing and repeating the same mistakes, even the best social media strategy will not help you grow, build your audience, or skyrocket your music career.


1-You don’t communicate with your audience

Social media is all about communicating and networking! If you don’t engage with your followers, they will lose interest in you and your activities.

Having a conversation with your followers is a smart social media marketing strategy. It can help you build a strong relationship with them, and later on, convert them into loyal fans. Spend time responding to your followers’ Tweets and DMs, respond back to their Facebook comments, watch their stories and like their photos on Instagram.

Our PR team at 1710 Media suggests you don’t make the mistake of being unapproachable and build a relatable brand.

2-You are not consistent

You might have heard many times that consistency is the key to success. It’s true! If you want your social media platforms to grow, you need to have a regular publishing routine.

The life of a social media post is often short lived. YouTube videos become outdated in a few days, while for Tweets expire in a few hours! You need to post on a regular basis to stay in the loop and get the ball rolling.

Posting regularly will motivate your audience to wait for your content and come back to your profile when it’s time for a new post. If you run a podcast or a YouTube channel, make sure your audience knows that you publish content every 3 days or every Wednesday for example.

The consistency refers also to the type of content you post (videos, carousels, images, boomerangs), design, message, and the language (meaning the style of your writing).

Build your brand in a unique style and find the audience that will be interested in your content.

3-You buy followers and views

Having thousands of followers on social media is the dream of all musicians and influencers, but does it really matter how many followers you have?

Buying followers and views is a common practice for users, including celebrities and top stars, and it never ends up well. Many beginner musicians commit a huge mistake and use bots to instantly boost their number of followers. If your goal is improving the engagement rate and converting your followers into listeners who buy an album and purchase merch, we recommend you build organic traffic and gain real followers as a form of social media marketing.

Vanity metrics never pays back. Instead of wasting money on bots, you can spend some time engaging with your audience and preparing a consistent strategy that will bring you organic growth. Gaining followers should be the outcome of your hard work, not 3rd party automated bots.

4-You post too often

Consistency is one thing, but overwhelming the audience is another huge mistake. If you post too much, your followers will start ignoring your content, so don’t overload them with your posts!

While publishing several Tweets a day works, for Facebook, TikTok and especially Instagram, posting once a day is just enough.

5-You don’t pay attention to the algorithm

All digital marketing specialists emphasize that the first hour after posting is essential for the post’s performance.

If you don’t get enough engagement within the first hour of publishing your photo or video, no one will see it since the algorithm will judge it as worthless.

Many musicians who want to improve their Facebook or Instagram profile don’t pay attention to the algorithm and focus too much on the visuals and design.

Even if you post an amazing photo, an awesome video and write a great description, you need to look at the bigger picture and figure out how to get your followers attention within the first hour.

So how to fight the algorithm? Our marketing team recommends you make sure to use proper hashtags so that your content is exposed to new audiences. Secondly, post at the right time, and lastly, engage with your audience 30 mins before you publish your post and 30 mins after.

6-You don’t have a strategy

A solid social media strategy is required if you want to boost your social media reach and stats. You need a guideline and an objective. Ask yourself the following: what do you want to achieve? Do you want to grow followers, convert your audience, or increase engagement? You need to know your end goal and have a plan on how to reach it.

Start with a simple content calendar, prepare a list of topics for your posts, plan when to publish them and when you need to engage with your audience.

1710 Media has tried every existing method to grow an audience and we have to admit that nothing works better than having a solid, customized social media campaign.

Wrap up

All the mistakes described above can easily be eliminated by implementing a strategic plan. 1710 Media is here to help you create it and improve your social media presence, and everything you need to make more noise around your music and skyrocket your career.


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