Twitter Marketing For Musicians: Top 10 Tips To Boost Artists Twitter Page

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A lot of people and businesses rely on Twitter because of how easy and simple it is. The algorithm is one of the easiest ones to work with and if you know how to play by the rules, you will end up with great results. But before you start, here are the 10 tips to Twitter marketing that will help you get the most out of your Twitter page.

  1. Find the ideal time/frequency

In order to understand what is the best time and frequency for your Twitter page, you need to start tweeting early. Start at the beginning of the day and repeat this throughout the day to see when is the best time for your tweets. Stick to this technique for about a week in order to get the most out of it, analyze the stats and decide your tweeting plan.

  1. Notice when it’s too much

While you are planning out your Twitter strategy, it’s important to notice when you might go a bit overboard. If you increase your tweet frequency and notice your engagement starts to drop, it could be a sign that you’re annoying your followers.

  1. Engage more than you post

There’s a tendency that has been popular amongst a lot of brands which is sometimes they will forget the whole meaning behind social media. Twitter marketing strategies need to be social and engaging and it’s not a distribution tool that will be there to share direct links to your business. It’s important to be active socially, engage with the audience, make polls, and participate in public discussions in order to create an image of a personality.

  1. Stay trendy

Twitter trends might be helpful for a Twitter musician who wants to be trending. By doing so, you can see what topics are trending in your area and feature associated hashtags in your tweets. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, to participate in conversations about trending topics, and to be creative and determined when it comes to trending topics.

  1. Analyze your data to make decisions

Don’t rush to post about everything. Take a moment and check your analytics to see what your followers are interested in the most and try to fit in those topics. Next, based on your data, make a plan to get closer to your goals.

  1. Be a part of the community

Whenever you’re building your account, try to create a community of people and/or companies that you follow who are gathered together around a collective idea. Find individuals that share your views and connect with them in an open dialogue via replying to their tweets or DM-ing them for more in-depth discussions.

  1. Pay attention to the visuals

Not many people know but visuals play a big role in the Twitter community. Although the main idea behind Twitter is short posts, the visuals are also one of the drivers of success for the posts. Be it a video or a photo, the visuals you choose must directly express your style and voice, which will make it easier for your followers to understand who you are and what kind of content are you curating.

  1. Automate when necessary

Automation is a good way of delegating the work in order to avoid manual posting and reposting. You can start off by scheduling your posts through Twitter Ads. This way you would have more time to engage with your followers, retweet and like the tweets, find new accounts to follow and in general browse the platform for new ideas and means of their exploitation.

  1. Try not to copy others

Twitter is about individuality and character, which makes it very important to stick to your individual style throughout your posts. Of course, you can study other accounts and analyze their key aspects and content curation techniques, but try not to copy their entire strategy. Never feel obligated to completely change your strategy to match the current trends on Twitter.

  1.  Always use quote retweet

This is one of the most essential tips for Twitter users out there. Whenever you share someone’s content it is going to appear on your feed along with their username, which means that you are curating someone else’s content instead of your own. To avoid that, only use quote retweet and express an opinion on the matter. That way it’s a bit more personalized and adds additional value for your audience.

While these Twitter tips might be tailored towards beginners, brands of all sizes can benefit from them. There have been a fair share of celebrities or big companies who made cringe worthy mistakes on Twitter from time to time. So it’s never a bad idea to amp up on the basics, stay up to date with marketing in the music industry, or stay on top of new trends and tactics.

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