The Ultimate Holiday Music Marketing Campaign To Do List

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Santa Clause is coming… to stream your record!

In this article, 1710 Media shares insightful ideas, tips and music marketing strategies to make a profit during the most wonderful time of the year. Enjoy the read and contact us if you want to get going with a Christmas or Holiday music marketing or promo campaign.

Playlists are also a powerful tool/ features to leverage. As an artist, you need to get your track picked up by playlists. Stores, malls, people at the gym or driving on the road usually listen to playlists so they don’t have to manually pick and play songs each time. Getting placements on playlists with a lot of followers will translate into building a fanbase, a tribe that loves your music. Sometimes, it is as important to get in playlists with 500-50K followers as playlists with 100K-1M+ followers.

Here are a few things you need to do besides pitching non stop to radio stations and “playlisters”.

  • Get on social media: now don’t tell us that your brand direction is different or you don’t post often because of the aesthetics. If you want grow your streams, your fanbase, communicate often with your fanbase. Through captions, posts, pictures. The more communication, the more impressions, clicks and bridges you build. Start posting often!
  • Instagram? It is crucial to get on Instagram. Not because it’s crawled by Google and your page will show up when people look you up during a Google search. Instagram has multi million users online per minute. Ever wondered how many news fans you can acquire by commenting under posts, liking, messaging others non stop? As long as you are not spamming and genuinely engaging, you CAN build hundreds of friends, fans on Instagram per day, without spending a dime. but wait.. it’s not just Instagram. TikTok and Twitter also give you the same opportunity. Wondering if Facebook is right for you?
  • Make a video. Don’t have a music video? We can help you create a lyric video. Having YouTube presence is key, since audio and video have taken over text content marketing and since video dominates search engines. Don’t forget – YouTube also has multi… multi-million hits per hour.
  • Offer festive/ music merch. Anything that’s unique.
  • Email: Build an e-mail list. Send e-cards and build super fans. Tell them how your year went by, resolutions for the New Year. Encourage your fans to write back to you and share their highs, lows and stories. It will take effort on your part to respond to the email that come in but think of this as a unique time to really bond with the fans who take the time to write back – even if it’s just a handful – these are fans who could become superfans in the long run.
  • Create a contest, raffle or giveaway.
  • Create a Holiday Hangout with Fans by going live.
  • Create user generated content! Request content from fans. This may be a funny, cool, creative video of your fan(s) doing x,y,z by playing your music. Repost them, share and circulate. Create the effect of a viral campaign.

In case you read this and it’s already mid-December and you have no time for a proper release.. don’t release new music last minute, especially if you don’t have a plan. Keep it for January and if you need assistance or would like to learn more tips and tricks about promoting your music in January, contact us through our form, and we’ll get back to you in no time.

Dedicate this time to your fans, say thank you, do live streams and chat, wish them happy holidays, show the love that you want to receive in return in 2021.


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