Why Email is a Better Marketing Tool than Social Media

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Digital marketing is at the forefront of the majority of many artist’s marketing strategy. Although social media can be useful and effective in many ways, it should not be put in front of email marketing.

For many artists, email is still the best conversion channel available, and has many perks related to its use in a digital marketing strategy, even more so now with the rise of mobile use.

If you are still having your doubts about whether you should be putting your email marketing at the forefront over social media marketing, take a look at the 6 reasons that email marketing is better than social media below.

1. Access of Audience

There is no limit to the access of your audience. The difference with email and social media is that if you have an email list and send it out to your complete list, then chances are it will reach at least 98% of those people. On social media however, if you put up a post, just because you have followers it doesn’t mean that it will reach all of them, it depends on how engaging your post is.


2. Relationship Building

When people receive an email, it is very personal and attention grabbing, it makes the user feel like it has been sent directly to them and them alone. This is a great way to build a long term relationship with someone, people interact with social media very differently and it is much harder to build a relationship in this way.


3. Numbers

Email has nearly three times as many accounts as Facebook and Twitter combined, therefore email has a much bigger potential audience to make use of.


4. Demographics

Email has been around for a lot longer than social media has, and depending on who it is you are targeting, this is good to remember. A lot of the older generation do not use social media at all, whereas almost everyone checks their emails.


5. Personal

Using email is one of the most personal mediums that a marketer can make use of. The subscribers of the email will automatically feel good because the messages can be customised for them, and therefore more useful to them. Little extras such as the use of an individual’s name can make a big difference to how someone feels about a marketing email.


6. Email is a Transactional Medium

This simply means that people will sign up to get an email fully expecting to be sent offers and promotional material, a lot of the time, this is actually what they want. Therefore, when they are looking through their email it is likely they will actually be in a buying frame of mind.

Comparing this to Facebook for example, very few people will go onto social media with the intent to make a purchase, instead they are going to be chatting with friends or looking through their timeline.


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