How to get verified on Amazon Music for Artists

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With Amazon Music for Artists, instantly know how your fans are listening to music.


Claiming your artist profile on Amazon Music’s analytics app

Just like Spotify and Apple Music, you can claim your artist profile on the Amazon Music for Artists web page. This analytics tool is also available as an app on iOS and Android devices.

We’re helping you get fast-tracked, so it’s simple:

  1. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play
  2. Open the app
  3. Be sure to fill out ALL fields on the verification page, including “Company” (if you don’t have a separate record company or management company name, just put your band or artist name in this field)
  4. Select CD Baby as your distributor
  5. Claim your artist

Once you’re verified you can view data on your music’s performance across Amazon Music — which now boasts about 55 million users across its various tiers. The usual stats are there in the app: stream counts, near-real-time activity data, geographic info about your audience, playlist traction, and more.

But two of the most interesting features actually relate to voice assistance and physical media.

View Amazon Music analytics such as Alexa activity

The standout aspect of Amazon Music for Artists is called the “Daily Voice Index.” It tells you how many times over the past seven days Alexa helped someone find your music, either by searching for:

  • Song title
  • Album name
  • Artist name
  • Or lyrics

That last one is huge! Think about how many times you’ve tried to identify a song based on just a few words you remembered from the chorus. Now you can ask Alexa — and so can people who want to find YOUR music.

Amazon is sourcing lyrics from both LyricFind and MusixMatch, so if you’ve already synced your lyrics in MusixMatch you’ll be all set.

The Daily Voice Index also ranks your music’ performance on a spectrum from “Cool,” “Warm,” “Hot,” to “on Fire,” depending on how your Alexa engagement compares to the median of artists with similar-sized audiences. You can use this info to see how your marketing campaigns are performing, specifically as they relate to Alexa.

Change your artist images on Amazon Music

Did you know you can update both your profile photo and background image on your profile in your Amazon for Music for Artists account? It’s easy!

Follow these steps to change your images on Amazon Music:


On iOS/Android:

  • Select the artist you want to manage
  • Tap the Profile icon in the bottom right hand corner
  • Under Profile & Tools, customize both your Profile Photo and Background Image using their respective edit buttons
  • Choose image
  • Resize the image to your preference
  • Tap Save

On web

  • Select the artist you want to manage
  • Click Profile & Tools under Artist Tools in the left side bar
  • Under Profile Details, customize both your Profile Photo and Background Image using the editing tools
  • Choose image
  • Resize the image to your preference
  • Click Save

To look your best on Amazon Music, be certain your images meet the following requirements:

  • Files must be either jpeg or png
  • Profile Photo must be at least 500x 500 pixels.
  • Background Image must be at least 1920 x 1440 pixels. For best results, we recommend the artist’s face be in the upper 40% of the image, roughly centered horizontally. See visual guide below.
  • Image file must be no larger than 15MB.
  • Avoid text, logos and busy images.
  • Image should not contain violence or partial/explicit nudity.
  • Images should not contain any infringing materials. You attest you have all the legal rights to do so as described in our T&C.

A deeper understanding of your audience on Amazon Music

Another thing that’s interesting about Amazon Music for Artists is how it segments your fan data into two groups: “fans” and “superfans.”

Fans account for 50+% of your streaming activity on Amazon Music.

Superfans are a smaller, more active group that drive 33+% of your streams on the platform.

Fans and superfans on Amazon Music are people that have:

  • streamed your music more than the average listener
  • added your songs to their personal playlist/library
  • followed you on Amazon Music
  • or purchased something

Purchased something — meaning downloads, CDs, or vinyl.

On Amazon.


Share Amazon music to Instagram and Facebook Stories

Amazon Music has integrated Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories into their platform. Now users can share songs from Amazon Music directly to Instagram or Facebook Stories. Just click the “Share” button on any song on Amazon Music and you’ll see Instagram and Facebook Stories as one of the options.


Claim your artist profile in Amazon Music for Artists!




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