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Here is a guide for Musicians wondering How Musixmatch works. Musixmatch provides licensed lyric features to the likes of Google, Apple Music, Amazon and Instagram, having deals in place with over 10,000 publishers globally. It also has direct relationships with over 1m artists who are verified on the platform through their labels, their publishers or even directly.


What Is a Lyric Sync?

A lyric sync is a visual aid that shows fans the lyrics to a song as it is being played on your device. When you open Spotify, or add a song to your Instagram story, a lyric sync gives fans the ability to read the lyrics on-screen as the song is playing.


Why Is It Important to Sync My Lyrics?

With synced lyrics, your songs become more memorable and the meaning becomes more impactful. This is also a great way to include the hard-of-hearing community! In other words, artists can now deliver fans an unforgettable connection to their music through lyrics. Since Spotify is a major streaming platform, it’s important that you sync your lyrics there through the website MusixMatch!


What is Musixmatch?

Musixmatch is an all-in-one platform for consumers and content creators. Working with over 1 million artists, songwriters and publishers can easily add lyrics to their music. This will live on Musixmatch’s database for anyone to search through and be sent off to partners such as Apple Music, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Shazam and many more, to provide streaming platforms with valuable lyric data.

The major competitor of Musixmatch is LyricFind. Indeed, they both share some clients, notably Amazon and Google. LyricFind doesn’t have the same community of contributors as Musixmatch, which makes it a little less accessible – but it does drive additional revenues for the industry through licensed lyric merchandise.


How does the Musixmatch app works?

Musixmatch uses accessibility permission in order to be able to read the transmission in the output and using that it searches and recognizes the song and provides the lyrics. Unlike apps such as shazam which recognize the song from the microphone, musixmatch directly accesses the output due to which there is no intervention of any noise and as a result it finds the song with the lyrics even faster and accurate than its competitors.

Musixmatch is one of the fastest growing lyrics portal because of it being so intuitive and is overtaking all the competitors. Customers at the end are all looking for simplicity, content and accuracy, exactly where musixmatch excels!

Musixmatch is the music industry’s preferred provider of lyrics and the world's biggest music catalog, with over 20 million people globally contributing to creating the largest catalog of lyrics ever. It’s more important than ever to share your music in as many places as possible online. Claim your profile and add official synced lyrics to Musixmatch and thus all their partners.

Adding lyrics to your releases helps your fans get a fuller picture of your artistic vision. It also gives you the chance to share your work on your favorite social networks/streaming services.


How do I claim my Musixmatch profile?

By going onto the Musixmatch website and claiming an artist profile, artists and their representatives will be able to fast-track the verification of their lyrics. Any lyrics that are being added/edited and synced using the verified account will be shown as the official lyrics on Musixmatch. Labels will also be able to create a verified artist account to manage all the artists on their roster.

Signing up is easy—here’s how you claim your Musixmatch profile:

  1. Select an already-released project in your “My Releases” section
  2. Click on the “Manage” link on the bottom right of the chosen release
  3. Go to the “Lyrics” tab and click Access Musixmatch


What are the benefits of having a verified Musixmatch profile?

With Musixmatch, you can:

  • Distribute your lyrics globally and earn money when they’re used
  • Offer synced lyrics to enhance the listening experience
  • Let users add your lyrics directly to Instagram Stories
  • Allow people to discover your work more easily through the lyrics search function

Adding Lyrics to Musixmatch

You have two options to add lyrics to an artist’s song:

1) On the Musixmatch website, you can add static lyrics. These won’t be displayed on Instagram or Spotify, but are searchable on Apple Music, Alexa and more.

2) Download the Musixmatch mobile or desktop app to add time-synced lyrics which will be displayed on Instagram and Spotify.

All uploads will have to adhere to the Musixmatch writing guidelines.


How to Transcribe Lyrics on Musixmatch?

The first thing you have to do before syncing is transcribe the lyrics. There are two ways you can transcribe your lyrics: the MusixMatch website and the app.

Whether you are wishing to transcribe lyrics through your website or the app, there are just a few things to keep in mind. You will have to be logged into a Apple Music or Spotify Premium account so you can later sync your lyrics to the platform. In addition, there are a set of guidelines you must follow when transcribing.

Guidelines for Transcribing on Musixmatch:

Here are the 4 rules you must follow when transcribing each song:

  1. Listen to the song from a reliable audio source while you are transcribing.
  2. Only add lyrics you transcribed yourself (as opposed to fans transcribing for you).
  3. Transcribe all repeated parts of a song.
  4. Transcribe the lyrical audio content only.

In addition to these guidelines, there are a few Do’s and Don’ts to follow as well:

  1. DO always listen to the entire song while transcribing
  2. DON’T copy and paste from other sources
  3. DON’T use multipliers (such as “I’m gone” x2)



How to Sync Your Lyrics on Musixmatch

When it comes to syncing your lyrics with the song, you have two options. The first option is syncing your lyrics line-by-line. The second is syncing your lyrics word-by-word. On the website, you can choose between syncing line-by-line or word-by-word. However, word-by-word is only available through the app.

Syncing On The Website:

When you’ve finished transcribing your lyrics through the site, click the Sync tab. On that tab you will see the site made estimates on duration and precision of each line. Your job from here is to listen to each snippet and ensure that it is accurate. If there are any lines that come in too early or too late, you have the ability to adjust the timing by the millisecond.

Syncing On The App

With the app, you’ll have to do a little more searching. Once you’re logged in, search for the song(s) you want to sync. Once you have the song pulled up, select Contribute>Sync>Select either line-by-line or word-by-word. If you choose line-by-line, you’ll be prompted with an approach similar to doing this on the website.

Sync Lyrics Line-By-Line

If you decide to sync line-by-line, here are the 3 simple steps to do so:

  1. Set the timing to the first sung letter for each line (max of half a second before).
  2. When there aren’t any lyrics for more than 5 seconds, insert an instrumental label (then sync the line).
  3. Verify accuracy by playing each align and adjust as needed
Sync Lyrics Word-By-Word

The ability to sync word-by-word is only possible through the app, so be sure to have the app downloaded if you wish to sync this way. Essentially, word-by-word is having even more accuracy control while going line-by-line. All you have to do is swipe on your device to highlight the lyrics in time with the music.

Do’s and Don’t’s of Syncing

Just like with transcribing, there are a few policies to follow when syncing. These are the 4 Do’s and Don’t’s for syncing your lyrics:

  1. DO correct the sync if you made a mistake.
  2. DO sync only the main vocal in the case of multiple voices and choruses.
  3. DON’T sync a line or word in delay.
  4. DON’T start the song with an instrumental label.


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