How to Verify your Deezer artist profile

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Millions of music fans use Deezer over other established services like Spotify & Apple Music, so it’s important to understand how fans are interacting with your music on the platform.

Backstage is Deezer’s answer to Spotify for Artists & Apple Music for Artists. The service provides artists and labels with tools they need to edit their profile and access the listener data they need to plan the next best steps for their marketing strategies.

Deezer for Creators (formerly Deezer Backstage) is a platform that allows you to officially claim your Deezer artist profile and gain insights into how your music is performing.


How to get verified on Deezer

After your music is distributed to Deezer, head here and click Request Access.


Make sure you have this information handy:

  • Artist name
  • Your email
  • The UPC of your releases that are distributed by CD Baby
  • Your label name (This can be your artist name unless you do have a label)
  • Your distributor (that’s us!)

Wait for Deezer to confirm your identity & give access. It might take a few days for access to be granted, but you’ll be notified as soon as you can login.

TIP: You can also give other people (such as your manager, label, or anyone else on your team) access to your Deezer Creators account. Just add them via the User Manager tab).

How to edit your Deezer artist profile


Once you’ve been verified as an artist and got hold of your login details, it’s time to start updating and editing your artist profile.


Change your Deezer artist profile picture

To update your profile picture, just click on the Artist Edition tab at the top of your screen.

Here you can add, update and change your profile image. Deezer only accepts artist images with a minimum size of 500x500px and 3MB. You’ll also need to upload it as a JPEG or PNG file.

Any image you upload will be cropped into a circle, so keep this in mind when choosing a pic.


From this section, you can also link your Facebook and Twitter profiles as well as create and edit custom “statuses” (much like on social media platforms) to share with your fans.

Edit your Deezer artist biography


The Artist Edition section of Deezer Backstage also lets you add and update an artist biography in multiple languages including English, French, Portuguese, Chinese, German, and more. Your bio will display in each language depending on who is viewing it, so it might be worth getting it translated if you’re targeting fans in a certain country.

If you’re a new artist, you can learn more about how to write an artist bio here.



How to view music analytics on Deezer


If you head to the Analytics tab at the top of Deezer Backstage dashboard, you can delve into all sorts of interesting data around your music. Deezer Backstage offers info on the following data points which can all be filtered by timeframes and releases:

- Total streams

- Unique listeners

- Average daily listeners

- Playlist features

- Top countries & cities

- Best performing tracks


Artist analytics services like Deezer can really help understand your audience and optimize your marketing campaigns. With this data to hand, it’s much easier to deep dive into exactly how your music is performing on Deezer and where it's having the biggest impact.

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