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We provide Online Music Advertising Campaign Strategy & Implementation on Youtube, Snapchat, Facebook & Instagram, Spotify, Boomplay, Audiomack, Twitter, etc.

We’ll design and send your email campaigns for you — A Full-Service email package.

More music is being made and released than ever before; Competition is fierce. You need to do something else besides simply releasing music in order to; Get seen, Capture attention, and Drive results.

The goal of our digital advertising is to inorganically advertise where your potential fans are - and to customize ads to your target audience’s preferences.



Get seen, Capture attention, and Drive results.

Ads Campaign Creation & Optimization

We utilize best practices to create and improve your online ad performance, ensuring that your goals are met.

Audio, video, and visual advertisements available; our In-house design team to assist in creation.

Ads Reporting

Discover how many people saw your ad, how many clicked on it, and how much money is being spent.

You will get; Engagement Report, Ad Placement Report, Demographic Reach Report, and Campaign Performance Report.

Audience Targeting

We Target & Reach Fans & People Who Have Liked / Followed Your Page / Channel / Profile. We also Target & Reach People Who’ve Liked Other Pages / Channels and Artists.

Reach a Specific Audience (Gender, Location, Occupation, Income, Parenthood, Intrests, etc).

Social Media Ads

We run Music Ads on Social Media platforms to push traffic to your music on Apple Music, Deezer, etc.

Our Platforms include; Facebook & Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok, Twitter, etc.

Digital Streaming Platforms (DSP) Ads

We run Music Ads across Digital streaming Platforms including; Youtube, Spotify, Boomplay Music, Audiomack, etc. These Ads will be shared to people already using these platforms, and it's very effective to convert Fans.

Flexible Budget

We offer Flexible Campaign Budgets starting at $100 (The Fee you'll pay to Ad Networks).

We charge 15% of your total Ad Budget as Campaign Management Fee. (The Fee You'll Pay to us).

E.g; If You wish to spend a total $1000 on your Ads, we'll charge you $150 to set up and manage your Ad Campaigns.

Ad Platforms

We advertise where your potential fans are - and customize ads to your target audience’s preference.

Youtube Ads

YouTube ads are a fantastic way to get real, target eyeballs on your content. Your music will appear as a skippable TrueView ad before a specific video or channel on YouTube. It will show up as ads on channels or videos that would have fans similar to yours.

The idea is that since we are targeting people who are watching videos similar in style to your music, they will watch your video and hopefully click through to your channel and check out more of your content.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

We use Facebook & Instagram ads to advertise new tracks, albums, playlists, tour, announcements, merchandise releases, music videos and more. Ads will can be shown across Feeds, Stories, Explore, Messenger, etc.

Let our experts manage your Facebook and Instagram ads knowing we bring together some of the best marketing experience in the music industry.

Snapchat Ads

Snapchat ads are 3-10 second vertical videos that appear in between friend stories and curated content, such as Snapchat stories and publishers stories.

We manage Snapchat Ads to help you make an impression on a large audience with engaging ad formats and seamless integration in fast and fun results on mobile.

Twitter Ads

Twitter advertising has a lot of potential in terms of reach and engagement. It lets you target users based on location, language, device, age, and gender. Twitter also offers look-alike audiences to drive demand. 

With Twitter advertising, we promote your Music to reach new users who might be interested in what your brand offers. We obsessively monitor key metrics and data to track and optimize your campaign’s performance.

Tiktok Ads

We help Musicians create and run high-quality, high-performance ads on TikTok. Benefit from the experience of our talented marketers who have figured out TikTok’s advertising platform.

We understand the full picture between the ad funnel, content & creatives, influencer management, audience targeting, narratives and brand positioning to get the most out of your marketing campaigns.

Audiomack Ads

Audiomack has over 1.5 million daily active users. We target your audience with ads that don't look like ads.

Spotify Ads

We work with you to select the right type of ad to meet your needs, whether you want to drive streams of a single or album, raise awareness for a show or tour, or just spread the word about who you are as an artist.

With Spotify audio and video ads, we target fans of other similar artists to reach potential new listeners who are likely to be into your music. Your ads are played between songs, and also lets users see your brand’s message.

Boomplay Music Ads

With Boomplay Music Ads, Your ad will be exposed to 5 million daily active users and each one is a potential fan of yours.

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Check out some of the Most Frequently asked questions relating to Online Music Ads.

Online advertising is the practice of advertising your Music online. You can advertise on any digital channel; Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify and others.

The key to successful online advertising is identifying the right channel, messaging and offer for your target audience. With years of experience behind us, 1710Media' experts are able to identify the correct strategies to deliver maximum ROI based on your goals and budget.

We can quickly spot what content will work, make recommendations about best practice by channel. On top of that, building lists of prospects, setting up campaign tracking, optimising budgets and monitoring performance all goes on in the background, ensuring the success of your activity.

In general, the main online advertising channels are:


  • Facebook – online ads are shown on Facebook as part of people’s feeds, various CTAs are available, including “learn more” and “buy now”. Facebook ads can include visuals, videos or instant experiences that include engaging, in depth content.
  • Instagram – online ads are shown in line with people’s feeds, with a “sponsored content” tag. They can be video, visual or text-based, and there are several options for CTA such as “watch more” and “learn more”.
  • Instagram Stories – sponsored ads appear after organic content as people scroll through Instagram stories and can be visual, video or interactive. CTAs include “swipe up to learn more” and “expand story” for additional content.
  • YouTube – there are multiple ways to advertise online via YouTube, including pre-roll ads and mid-video ads which appear at a given point while someone is watching a video. They are typically video-based ads that click through to a website.
  • Spotify
  • Boomplay Music
  • Audiomack
  • Snapchat
  • Tiktok

This strategic thinking is all conducted as part of your online ads package with 1710Media – we provide a full channel assessment and advertising approach, complete with recommended copy, visuals and targeting.

1710Media has developed a unique formula for guaranteed online advertising success. This involves a clearly defined campaign set up process:

  1. Campaign goals are set – we agree on the campaign KPIs with you in advance, ensuring that clear goals for monthly lead volumes and cost per lead are set.

  2. Personas and targeting – we workshop your ideal client/customer, define which personas to target and build targeted lists for the channels your campaign will run on.

  3. Content strategy and advertising approach – we recommend the channels, messaging and funnels that will best match your campaign ambitions, providing sample ad copy, suggested titles for supporting contents.

  4. Campaign build – we create the campaign, building out targeted lists, funnels and supporting content and launching activity on your preferred channels.

  5. Test and enhance – we never stop assessing your campaigns for success, tweaking and enhancing the content. Once your campaign is up and running, our online ads experts will review it at regular intervals to see what needs tweaking in order to improve performance even further.

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