What is Apple Music Radio?

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iTunes Radio was merged into Beats Music to create Apple Music. We are more familiar with the streaming portion of Apple Music, but the radio side still exists and is a versatile way to discover new music.

Apple Music Radio is divided into two separate sections:

  • Apple Music 1, which is a 24/7 radio station much like any traditional FM station. This radio station is further split into three stations:
    • Apple Music 1: the flagship station of Apple Music 1 radio. This airs a mix of the latest songs from popular music genres like pop and rap.
    • Apple Music Hits: this station airs hits from the previous three decades. Sure to cross appeal for Gen-Xers and Millennials alike.
    • Apple Music Country: Apple Music Radio’s country station airs modern and classic country hits.
  • Apple Music Radio: unlike Apple Music 1, Apple Music Radio stations are not curated by DJs and can represent a broad swatch of genres. These stations are classified into two categories:
    • Semi-automated stations that are pre-created and organized by genre. So if you tuned into an ’80s metal station you’d expect to hear all the bangers from Maiden, Priest, Ozzy, etc.
    • Custom stations are created by users. Now, these stations aren’t completely customizable track-by-track. Instead, Apple Music’s algorithm creates a station for you based on your taste and the song you’re currently listening to.

To create a custom station on Apple Music:

  1. Start listening to a song you enjoy.
  2. Click the ellipses (the three dots) button to the right of the song.
  3. Select Create Station from the menu.



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