How To Sell Music on iTunes

If you have ever wondered how to get your song on iTunes and all other major music distribution services or how to promote your music online, there is no need to continue your search.  1710Media gives you the solution to sell your music worldwide and collect revenue. With more than 800 million users, iTunes is the leading online digital music retailer where users can download and pre-listen to music and video from their computers or other devices such as iPhones, iPads or iPods. How To Claim your Apple Music artist profile

Do you want to make money by selling your music?

1710Media can help! Through our simple and successful process artists are able to upload their music and sell it on iTunes and other popular sites. On average, many artists earn $6.00 – $7.00 per album sold on iTunes and 60 – 70 cents per single. Meaning through music promotion and your fans, your music will start earning you royalties immediately.

Where will iTunes make my music for sale?

It is the largest online music store worldwide, your music will be made available in more than 100 countries when selecting iTunes to sell your music.

How is iTunes selling my songs?

iTunes sells downloads, streaming via Apple Music and non-interactive streams through iTunes Radio. When you distribute your music with us it will automatically be made available on Apple Music and iTunes Radio. What is the difference between iTunes and Apple Music?

What is a Pre-Order/ Pre-Sale and how to set it up?

A pre-order is an order placed for a Single / EP or Album which has not yet been released. Pre-orders allow fans to guarantee immediate delivery on release.

But the main benefit is that you can start promoting your release prior to the release date with a buy link that you can share with your fans, blogs, social networks…etc.

An iTunes pre-sale is an optional feature you can use to sell and promote your newest album on iTunes prior to your actual release date. Fans can pre-order your music and then automatically receive their purchase on the release date. (Note: You must submit your music for distribution at least 7 days before your release date to be eligible.) Don’t Wait Any Longer. Sell Your Music Today!

When you sign up with 1710Media, your music can be available for download in the iTunes Store in a few days (Usually between 1-3 days). It can also be available in Apple Music, a companion service to iTunes offering interactive music streaming to subscribers. If your songs aren’t available for download in the iTunes Store and streaming via Apple Music, you’re missing out on music revenue.

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How do I get my music on iTunes?

Unlike other iTunes distributors, we don’t change yearly fees or charge extra for international distribution.

To distribute your music, there is a one-time service fee you are required to pay;

#3,000 SINGLE: Upload ONLY 1 Song on Spotify, Apple Music & iTunes.
#7,000 SINGLE: Upload 1 Song on all major international platforms (You get 80% Of your total generated revenue) including; Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, itunes & Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Amazon and over 100 other streaming and downloading platforms excluding Boomplay Music. See full List of stores. 
#10,000 – SINGLE +:  – Upload 2 Songs simultaneously on all major international platforms (You get 100% Of your total generated revenue) including; Facebook, instagram, Boomplay Music, itunes & Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Amazon and over 150 other streaming and downloading platforms. See full List of stores.
#50,000UNLIMITED: Recommended for labels, managers and professionals. Upload as much songs as possible including Albums and EPs. For up to 4 Artists on all platforms. LEARN MORE.

1710Media will also distribute your music to 150+ other digital music platforms. We deliver your music to more shops than many other distributors. Get your music on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Tidal, Deezer, Pandora and everywhere else that matters. Our reach is already beyond 140 countries and growing to automatically include new stores as they become available. As our retailer list grows, so does your exposure to music fans around the world!



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