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Learn how to get verified on Audiomack as a Music Artist, Producer, Dj, Podcaster, or Creator. Audiomack is a fast-growing music streaming service that is designed to support artists and build up their professional careers.

When verified by Audiomack, creators receive a unique grey checkmark to distinguish them as serious and authentic creators. The verification process for Audiomack is similar to their competitor, Soundcloud; but there are also some significant distinctions to be made between them.


How to Get Verified on Audiomack: A Guide to Elevating Your Music Profile

In the digital age of music, platforms like Audiomack have become essential tools for aspiring artists to share their creations with the world. As one of the fastest-growing music streaming services, Audiomack provides a unique opportunity for artists to gain exposure and connect with a global audience.

While anyone can create an account on Audiomack, obtaining that coveted blue checkmark beside your name is a testament to your authenticity and credibility as an artist.




What Is Audiomack?

Audiomack is a completely free platform for content creators to share their music without limitations or restrictions. It focuses exclusively on new, independent, and up-and-coming artists. They are not a full-catalog streaming service like Spotify and Apple Music and do not plan to ever become one.

In the same way that you use social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to promote your music, Audiomack can be used alongside Spotify, SoundCloud, and other digital services to host, share, market, and track your work. (Everything from embeddable players to advanced stats is gratis with its artist-friendly accounts.)

Audiomack doesn’t charge listeners either, although they do offer premium subscriptions to anyone who’d like to stream ad-free, high-quality music and download entire playlists within Audiomack’s mobile app.

Audiomack has a “Creators Program’ that allows verified artists to monetize the music they post on the platform. First and foremost before an artist can enter the Creators Program, they must be verified.


How to get verified on Audiomack as an Artist, Podcaster or Creator


What is Audiomack Authentication?

Authentication is the first step in the audiomack for creators program, a requirement in order to become a verified artist and monetize your music, and comes with exclusive benefits that are free to all creators. It indicates a grey check badge on your account to differentiate your creator account from a listener account and it also provides you with free tools to get you started as a creator, whether you are an artist, producer, podcaster, or other.




Benefits of Audiomack Authentication

  • Audiomack authentication helps an artist or a creator to be identified with a unique grey check. This unique grey check makes people identify you as a serious creator.
  • The authentication differentiates you from the normal music listeners on the platform.
  • Amazing Dashboard With Advanced Stats
  • Instantly Notify Fans When You Release Content
  • Submit Your Content Trending Consideration
  • Gain Access To The Creator Services

How do I get authenticated on Audiomack?

Getting authenticated requires users to reach a minimum requirement before being eligible to submit an application to the Audiomack team. Authentication is strictly for creators. Users who are uploading music they are not the creator of, or rights holder to, are not eligible for authentication.

Minimum threshold requirements before applying:

  1. Have at least two (2) uploads
  2. Have up to 1000 plays & followers



Audiomack Authentication Application Requirements

  1. Profile and header pictures: These are images that listeners see when they come to your profile. Use high-quality promotional photos if possible. Note: Authenticated accounts must have a profile picture.
  2. Link and authenticate the Twitter and/or Instagram accounts of the creator.
  3. Label and hometown: Let them know where you’re from and who you’re representing.
  4. Website URL: Where can listeners find out more about you? We can help you create a standard Musician Website.
  5. Short biography: Tell a little about yourself and your career. What do new fans need to know? Get a detailed industry-standard Biography here.
  6. Genre: Selecting the genre you are most commonly associated with will help make your music easier to discover alongside similar sounds.
  7. Authenticate Your Socials Handles: Linking your social media accounts helps validate your identity as the creator of your content. Connect as many accounts as possible, but you must connect at least one. Right now, creators can link their Twitter and Instagram accounts.
  8. Review & Confirm: Prior to submitting your application, make sure all your information is correct. Then, scroll down to confirm and complete the application process.
  9. Next, simply wait for the approval of your application. The approval process can take between five (5) and seven (7) days. Please be patient!


How to apply for Audiomack Authentication

  • Click here to visit your dashboard and select “Apply Now” in the top right corner and accept the terms. Now, you can proceed to verify your email (the email address associated with your audiomack).
  • Complete your profile – completing your profile helps audiomack to validate your credentials for authentication.
  • Authenticate and connect your social media handles – Linking your social media accounts to audiomack account helps to validate your details in a faster manner.
  • Review all the details you have provided and confirm their credibility.

Once you are done checking all the necessary details, you can now submit your application to audiomack.

You can also apply for the new Audiomack Creators program by logging in and visiting

NB: It usually takes five (5) to seven (7) days to have feedback. You should be approved once you meet the set standards.


Why was my Audiomack Authentication application denied? Why was my authentication removed?

For one to be approved (or to remain) as an authenticated creator, you must upload only content that you own the rights to distribute and upload. Violators will be banned from the Audiomack For Creators program, and their content will be removed from the platform.


What is Audiomack Verification?

Why is the Audiomack Verification Check Important? We know that the verification check is impressive, but the question is, what makes it so important for artists and musicians?

The answer to this is, Audiomack personally recognizes the account as the artist’s authentic page, and not made by a third party (sponsored, fan page, etc). This allows people to search and find the artist's genuine account easily, rather than listening to music from a fan account (which can be the case if there is no blue check present).

Overall, the checkmark provides credibility to artists and assurance to fans or listeners that the account is real. This is important to artists because it increases the chances of users actually following their accounts and streaming music from their verified page. This then helps the artist rack up more plays and ultimately gain more royalties at the end of the day.

Different social media platforms also reward verified accounts with certain benefits, statistics, search engine priority, and monetization once their accounts have been authenticated.


Before Applying for Audiomack Verification

On Audiomack’s website, they clearly state that even if you meet all the requirements and criteria to be verified, there is still a chance you will not be accepted. Here are some things to take into consideration before applying for verification that will help your odds of being accepted:

  • You need to have an original profile picture that isn't blurred or from the internet. It should be high quality and unique to you, showing your artist's photo or logo.
  • The bio/ description of your account should be well written (include points that help your profile stand out and attract more viewers). Get a detailed industry-standard Biography here.
  • The more social media accounts you have linked, the better.
  • Add links, articles, or any proof that shows you have a strong online presence.
  • Rack up over 5 tracks, over 1,000 followers, & over 500,000 plays. You’ll want to exceed the minimum amount of traction required to help you stand out further.
  • Only upload original content and copyrighted material that you own.

If you have met all of Audiomack’s criteria and have taken the extra steps mentioned above, your chances of being Audiomack verified are more likely than not. Now you’ll need to follow through with the actual application process.

Before you can even send in a verification application, the platform requires you to have at least 2 uploads and 25 followers. If you have these requirements, the application link can be found on the Audiomack for Creators dashboard. The process is very simple and will give you step-by-step instructions on how to submit it. Once submitted, it can take around five to seven days to receive feedback on your application.



Benefits of Audiomack Verification

Just like Soundcloud, the verification checkmark distinguishes legit artists' accounts from fan-made or fake accounts. This allows artists to increase their followers and streams because it makes them easier to search and find due to the gray checkmark beside their profile name.

Audiomack also allows authenticated users to notify fans directly when they release new content. This helps increase streams and visibility because followers will instantly see when their favorite artists drop new songs on the platform.

Another great feature of Audiomack is that verified users can submit their music to be featured on trending charts and playlists. Authenticated users get access to trending submission tools which is the premier location for creator discovery.

Recommended music is the main way users find new music and artists to follow on streaming platforms. As a verified Audiomack artist, you have access to becoming recommended to being placed on recommended playlists through the use of their algorithms and data.



How to get verified on Audiomack as an Artist, Producer, Dj, Podcaster, or Creator

Audiomack is one of the fastest-growing music streaming platforms in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. Audiomack is used by music lovers (Listeners), artists, podcasters, and other creators. It provides free tools and services for creators to build their music careers.

Audiomack introduced some features to the platform, by separating its listeners from creators. As an Authenticated Creator, you will have the privilege to use classic free tools and other services which will help improve your career and user experience as an Artist, Producer, Podcaster, or DJ. To be eligible for Audiomack Authentication has never been that difficult.


How to get more Audiomack Followers and Plays

Want to apply for authentication but don’t currently have 1,000 total plays on your content or up to 500 followers on your profile? Boost your profile and get enough followers and plays to make sure you look more popular and also get you authenticated if you are not already.

Get Started


Achieving verification on Audiomack is a significant milestone for any aspiring artist. It adds a layer of credibility and authenticity to your profile, increasing your chances of attracting more listeners and potential collaborations. By building a strong Audiomack profile, establishing a solid online presence, generating substantial engagement, and submitting a well-prepared verification request, you'll be well on your way to elevating your music career.

Remember, the journey to success is marked by dedication, persistence, and unwavering passion for your craft. So, get ready to amplify your music on Audiomack and let your talents shine with 1710Media!


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