How to get Paid on Audiomack

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AudioMack is a great way to make money online, and knowing How to get paid on Audiomack is a must. We are going to look into how to make money from Audiomack plus the simple steps to get started with Audiomack monetization.

It’s frustrating as an artist when you release songs and you get streams and you don’t make money from it. Audoimack has a feature where you can get paid for your content on the app, you get paid depending on the streams and your location. You don’t have to do anything to get started, all you need is your Audiomack account. Want to know how? Without much ado, let’s get to the steps on how to make money on audiomack.



What Is Audiomack?

Audiomack is an on-demand music streaming and audio discovery platform that allows artists and creators to upload limitless music and podcasts for listeners through its mobile apps and website. You can upload your songs as an artist, upload your mix as a DJ, and create playlists. It’s easy to create an Audiomack account, to get started click Here


How to get Paid on Audiomack


What does Audiomack Monetization Program mean?

AMP allows artists to monetize their music and receive money directly from the Audiomack backend. That means artists in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and other newly added regions can now access their streaming revenue directly without checking with intermediaries like record labels and publishers.

When AMP launched in beta in 2019, it attracted American acts like Megan Thee Stallion and Lil Durk who would later become superstars. These artists used AMP to capture Audiomack’s community pool and extend their reach.



How To Get Verified On Audiomack

In order to get verified on audiomack, a creator must have a minimum of two songs uploaded, reach a minimum of 25 followers, and overall of 2,000 plays/streams on uploaded content.

Once you have reached audiomack requirements, proceed to the application in the creator studio by following the necessary steps. Audiomack would give feedback within 14 days (Sometimes more) through email should you be approved for verification or not. Once approved for verification, you would see a Grey checked sign on your profile.


How to Apply for Audiomack Monetization (AMP)

Applying for the AMP is easy and straightforward. Kindly note that you can’t use the Audoimack app for this, you would need to use any of your desired browsers for this.

Let's look into how to apply for audiomack AMP;

Visit the Audiomack website or open the link here in a new tab. Scroll down until you see APPLY FOR AMP and tap on the button. Immediately, you should be redirected to a contact page where you would be asked to input your email.

To opt-in for the Audiomack AMP your account need to have completed full authentication. If you would like to authenticate your account, you would need to get over 25 followers and at least two content uploads. Once you have the two you can proceed to the next step.

Back to step two, submit your application and it should be approved within 1-3 days. You would get an email from Audiomack.



How to Make More Money on Audiomack

After application, you will need tips to increase your revenue - here are tips to increase your revenue:

  • Good Content

Uploading your best content would increase your revenue. It’s the best and most proven method to get organic streams. Nigerians love good content and you need a huge sum of Nigerian or African traffic to make money via audiomack.

Make your artwork and account look professional. Proper editing and good artwork would help your music. You would need to determine, as an upcoming artiste set a date of upload and make sure you update content for your fans and follow to stream.

Reply to comments and build a following. Most method people use to build a following is commenting on a page with higher streams and most of the comments look spammy.  


  • Effective Promotion

Effective promotion is needed for your music to grow. Hire a team of good PRs and watch your career boom. Promotion is necessary, it makes sure your music gets to your targeted audiences and gets a huge chance of becoming someone’s new favorite artist.

Not just fans but die-hard and loyal ones. Hiring a good team and management gets you a good chance of getting signed by a good record label  


  • Consistency

Consistency is one of the major keys to making money from audoimack. There are some times that you might feel disappointed but your goal should be your target. You might need up to 1000 streams to make a reasonable income, don’t be disappointed, and keep posting your content. Good content would attract die-hard fans. That is all for today.



Why is AMP important for artists?

AMP makes Audiomack the first and only digital streaming platform (DSP) paying artists directly. It could give Audiomack a competitive advantage, growing its user base across these new regions.

Globally, artists making money off streaming platforms look like rocket science; there are just too many boxes to be ticked. Many artists, both independent and signed artists have spoken up about how DSPs truncate their earnings and allow loopholes that shortchange artists. 



What Is Audiomack Minimum Payout For Creators / Musicians?

The Audiomack company intends to allow a minimum payout of $50 in your AMP account if you are eligible for payment.



How To Calculate Your Audiomack Earnings/Revenues

  1. Put simply, Audiomack calculates “revenue per stream” based on revenue generated from advertisements and subscriptions (minus costs) divided by the number of total streams on the Audiomack platform in a calendar month.

    AMP creators are paid based on the number of streams of their monetized contents, multiplied by the “revenue per stream,” multiplied by the AMP revenue shared, which is fifty (50%) percent. There is no fixed “per-stream rate”, rather, the rates fluctuate based on a variety of factors, including;
  • The country that the streams occurred
  • The number of monetized streams on the platform
  • The type and number of ads that were clicked by individuals.
  • The total revenue the platform generated, and more.

When Audiomack wins, creators win. It costs money to operate a platform that helps creators further their careers, but AMP exists to make sure creators are paid for their contributions. The more users on the platform, the more money creators make. In this case, we can say that all creators, including musicians, are digital marketers.




In the course of promoting your body of works, and trying your possible means to get verified and monetized on Audiomack, numbers play vital roles but avoid bot followers and streams on your Audiomack account, else you may have the requirements needed for audiomack verification and monetization, yet your account would be bounced!

Again, make sure you have your social media handles linked with your audiomack account and have your autobiography column filled with the required number of words, before applying for either verification or monetization. Having streams from “tier one” countries (Australia, Canada, USA, Germany, UK, Switzerland, etc) results in higher revenues.

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