Audiomack: How To Submit Songs For Trending And Playlists

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Learn how To Submit Songs For Trending And Playlists on Audiomack. Audiomack is a free music streaming platform, which allows artists to upload unlimited songs, after signing up for a free account.

A lot of artists have released their songs and albums on Audiomack and have gained major recognition from the platform. To promote your account successfully, you must be aware of the most favorable methods to increase Audiomack streams and followers.


How To Get Your Music Trending on Audiomack

To increase your music streams on Audiomack, you need to work to get featured on playlists

Audiomack like other streaming platforms has its playlists. Artists can pitch their songs, albums, and podcasts for possible trending and playlist placement on Audiomack.

Getting your songs on one of these playlists or trending can highly increase your music streams on Audiomack. Pitching your tracks for trending and playlist is relatively easy, you simply just have to paste in your Audiomack link and paste it in an email.



What does it mean to “trend” on Audiomack?

There is a section on the Audiomack site and App called TRENDING. This section consists of the hottest songs, recently uploaded to the platform by the artists. It is compiled by the Audiomack team, and if you are lucky to get up on it, your songs can get the highest number of streams, in a short period of time. So many artists have either blown or gotten discovered in this way.

The cool thing about this is, you can submit your song to get trended by simply sending an email to their team.

First, here are the rules:

  • You can pitch songs, albums, and podcasts for possible trending placement on Audiomack. All trending submissions must be new releases only. This means anything from the last month.

  • Only one trending submission may be sent at a time. So DO NOT SPAM them by sending more than 1 email with the same record.



How to submit to Audiomack Trending:

To submit your music for trending simply email your Audiomack link (this is for hip-hop/rap, R&B, electronic, pop, podcasts, and any genre not specified in the below email).

If your music is considered reggae or dancehall, email

If your music is considered Afrobeats, email

And for Latin music email

While they technically only need you to send the link to the song you want to trend, it also helps if you give a quick note about the song or yourself.



How to get your Music on Audiomack Playlists

Audiomack has a ton of different playlists for all different moods and genres, and if your song makes it onto any of them, it can definitely help boost your streams and followers. The cool thing is that these playlists are not generated by an algorithm, they are either curated by the Audiomack team, “Verified Tastemakers” (influencer/curator accounts chosen by Audiomack’s team) or created by someone who uses their platform.

To get on these playlists all it takes is for you to follow instructions and of course, submit music that’s playlist-worthy.

Here are the rules:

  • You can only submit single songs for playlisting (no albums) however you can submit a few songs at a time as long as each song is aimed at a specific playlist

  • You can submit both older and new songs.

  • You must specify which playlist you’re submitting to. For instance, if you are a lyrical rapper pitch for The Art of Bars. You can find which playlists would fit best with your music simply by browsing Audiomack’s playlist section.



Submit Music on Audiomack for Playlisting:

Send an email over to with the link to your song. Specify the playlist name in the subject of the email.

If you’re submitting to multiple playlists, simply put “Playlist Submission” in the email subject and include the following in the body of the email:

[name of playlist 1] (link for song for playlist 1)

[name of playlist 2] (link for song for playlist 2)




Audiomack Playlist Spotlight

There are a few awesome playlists that always highlight rising artists such as yourself. For these, you can submit directly to the curator. For instance:

“Hometown Heroes” Playlists

A very popular category of Audiomack playlists is their Hometown Heroes series. These playlists highlight artists from specific areas and are curated by tastemakers from those areas and chosen by Audiomack. Getting on these playlists usually involves being on that curator's radar and many (if not all of them) take submissions via email and often Tweet about it.



The #Freshpicks playlist (updated bi-weekly) is curated by Audiomack-verified tastemaker Kayvan and is all about music DISCOVERY, and building a community around emerging talent. You can submit via Twitter or by sending an email to Submissions.freshpicks at


“New Flavors”

The New Flavors playlist is curated by Taste Creators and also highlights emerging talent. You can submit to this playlist by emailing (single songs only).



Authenticated and Verified creators on Audiomack may now SUBMIT TO TRENDING

In order to provide creators an equal chance to reach curators; Authenticated and Verified creators can submit music for Trending consideration directly from their Audiomack account. The process is simple:

  1. Select “Submit to Trending” on either the Trending page or from the Manage Content page in the Creator Dashboard.

    2. Only music uploaded within the last 4 weeks is eligible for submission. This 4-week window applies to all uploads, whether they are private, public, or scheduled. Select the release you wish to submit.

   3. Tracks can only be submitted once they are publicly released.

   4. If you are trended you will receive an email notifying you that your song is trending. *Submitting to trending doesn't guarantee your upload will trend.

Continue to submit your new releases for trending and grow your audience on Audiomack!

Get Verified on Audiomack


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