What are Specifications for Apple Music Video?

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If you wonder what the right Music Video Specifications for Apple Music and itunes is, this post is for you. By publishing your music video in the iTunes store, you will be making it available to millions of potential viewers.

What are the Specifications for Apple Music Video? A Comprehensive Guide for Artists

Apple Music, one of the leading music streaming services, has evolved into much more than just an audio platform. With the integration of music videos, artists now have the opportunity to further engage their audience through captivating visual storytelling.

To ensure that your music videos are seamlessly integrated and displayed at their best on Apple Music, it's essential to adhere to specific guidelines and specifications set by the platform. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the specifications for Apple Music video, empowering you to create visually stunning content that leaves a lasting impact on your audience.



  1. Video HD Source Profile

Important: All video must begin and end with at least one black frame. Material that does not fit the specification cannot be delivered to iTunes;

  • Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) or 4444 or 4444 (XQ)
  • Video FourCC: apch or icod (apcn ist not accepted)
  • VBR expected at ~220 Mbps
  • 1920 x 1080 Converted to ProRes from HDCAM SR, D5, ATSC or 1280 x 720 Converted to ProRes from ATSC progressive square pixel aspect ratio material.
  • Native frame rate of original source:
    29.97 or 25 interlaced frames per second for video-sourced material
    23.976, 24, 25, or 30 frames per second for digital-progressive or film-sourced material.
    Telecine materials will not be accepted.
  • Gamma values are accepted and the value must be between 2.15 and 2.25.
  • HD source may be delivered matted: letterbox, pillarbox, or windowbox.
  • The HD source may be delivered in its full-frame state with metadata included to specify the crop rectangle.
  • If the HD source file is not delivered matted or if there are no inactive pixels, we recommend setting all crop dimension attributes to '0' (zero) [default] or deactivating the “Has inactive Pixels” checkbox.
  • Chaptering is not supported for music videos.


2. Music Video Audio Source Profile

If 5.1 Surround is available for a music video audio source, the audio should be delivered in 5.1 Surround in addition to providing a stereo version; otherwise, the audio may be delivered in Stereo only.


  • LPCM in either Big Endian or Little Endian, 16-bit or 24-bit, at least 48kHz
  • Expected channels: L, R, C, LFE, Ls, Rs


  • MPEG-1 layer II stereo
  • 384 kbps
  • 48Khz
  • Included in the same file as the delivered video.


3. Music Video Screen Capture Image Profile

  • Screen capture from delivered video
  • JPEG with .jpg extension (quality unconstrained)
  • RGB (screen standard)
  • 1920 or 1280 fixed horizontal dimension
  • Images must be at least 72 dpi
  • Variable size vertical dimension. It must be the same aspect ratio as the video source,
  • Only the active pixel area may be included.


  • Do not increase the size of a smaller image to meet the minimum size standard.
  • CMYK color profile images will not be accepted.


  1. File Size and Bitrate:

Optimizing your video's file size and bitrate is essential for smooth streaming and faster loading times:

a. File Size: The maximum file size for Apple Music video uploads is 2 GB. Compress your video without compromising on quality to meet this requirement.

b. Bitrate: Apple Music recommends a video bitrate of around 10 Mbps (megabits per second) for 1080p videos. This ensures a balance between quality and streaming performance.


  1. Duration:

Keep your music videos within an appropriate duration to maintain audience engagement and ease of consumption:

a. Maximum Duration: Apple Music accepts videos with a maximum duration of 10 minutes. Ensure that your video content fits within this time frame.

b. Shorter is Better: While the maximum duration is 10 minutes, it's generally advisable to create concise and impactful videos that capture the essence of your music within a few minutes.



  1. Content and Copyright Compliance:

Before submitting your music video to Apple Music, ensure that it complies with content and copyright guidelines:

a. Original Content: Only upload videos for which you hold the necessary rights and permissions. Avoid using copyrighted content without proper authorization.

b. No Offensive Content: Apple Music strictly prohibits explicit, offensive, or inappropriate content. Ensure your video aligns with community guidelines to avoid rejection.


  1. Metadata and Cover Art:

Completing accurate metadata and adding compelling cover art enhances the presentation of your music video on Apple Music:

a. Metadata: Include relevant information such as the song title, artist name, album (if applicable), and production credits. This helps users discover and identify your video easily.

b. Cover Art: Upload high-quality cover art that visually represents your video. The cover art should be in square dimensions and at least 3000x3000 pixels for the best results.


  1. Submitting your Video to Apple Music:

Once your music video meets all the specifications and guidelines, it's time to submit it to Apple Music. Through 1710Media, It's easy to get your videos on iTunes & Apple Music and reach a huge audience with your music video. You also get paid Royalties. On your dashboard, you can monitor your downloads and streams across every online music platform.



With Apple Music's integration of music videos, artists now have an exciting opportunity to connect with their audience through captivating visual experiences. By following the specifications and guidelines outlined in this comprehensive guide, you can ensure that your music videos are seamlessly integrated into Apple Music, providing your fans with a delightful audiovisual journey.

Streaming on Apple Music and placed in the iTunes store for sale, under your artist catalog. You can access Apple Music's video catalog on any Apple Music-compatible device including; iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad, the Apple TV, Mac and Windows computers via iTunes, and the Apple Music for Android mobile app.



iTunes & Apple Music Video Distribution

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