How to Get your Music Video on Apple Music

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Knowing how to Get your Music Video on Apple Music and iTunes is very important. If you’ve worked hard to create some original content and you’d like to sell it through Apple’s iTunes store, we can help you.

Your Video will be available for purchase on the iTunes store, and available for streaming on Apple Music. Videos must comply with all Apple’s specifications below, as only videos that are properly encoded will be delivered.



How can I get my  Music Videos on Apple Music and the iTunes Store?

It’s quite straight forward to get your music on Apple Music and other comparable services. Music videos, however, are a slightly more complicated beast for completely indie artists.

So finding a service that’s simple and easy to understand with the details clearly laid out, is invaluable, even despite all of the other monetization considerations here. Some creatives just want to get their content out there to the world and on the biggest platforms in the game, so the ability to just submit content, pay the cash, and go without having to worry about the rest of it is what we are really after here today.

Due to Apple’s strict quality control process, videos must comply with all specifications, be reviewed and approved by an encoding house. We walk with you hand by hand until your video has been released.

When sending music videos to Apple, it will be available for purchase on the iTunes store and available for streaming on Apple Music. After completing your order, you will be directed to upload your video details and files.


Music Video Specifications & Requirements for Apple Music and iTunes

When submitting a video release to us, there are several checks and Apple Music Video Specifications that need to be made before your video can go live, this means meeting Apple’s unique specifications for all releases. This can make video releases a confusing process, but we are here to help!


Music Video HD Source Profile

Important: All video must begin and end with at least one black frame. Material that does not fit the specification cannot be delivered to iTunes;

  • Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) or 4444 or 4444 (XQ)
  • Video FourCC: apch or icod (apcn ist not accepted)
  • VBR expected at ~220 Mbps
  • 1920 x 1080 Converted to ProRes from HDCAM SR, D5, ATSC or 1280 x 720 Converted to ProRes from ATSC progressive square pixel aspect ratio material.
  • Native frame rate of original source:
    29.97 or 25 interlaced frames per second for video-sourced material
    23.976, 24, 25, or 30 frames per second for digital-progressive or film-sourced material.
    Telecine materials will not be accepted.
  • Gamma values are accepted and the value must be between 2.15 and 2.25.
  • HD source may be delivered matted: letterbox, pillarbox, or windowbox.
  • The HD source may be delivered in its full-frame state with metadata included to specify the crop rectangle.
  • If the HD source file is not delivered matted or if there are no inactive pixels, we recommend setting all crop dimension attributes to ‘0’ (zero) [default] or deactivate the “Has inactive Pixels” checkbox.
  • Chaptering is not supported for music videos.



Music Video Audio Source Profile

If 5.1 Surround is available for a music video audio source, the audio should be delivered in 5.1 Surround in addition to providing a stereo version; otherwise the audio may be delivered in Stereo only.


  • LPCM in either Big Endian or Little Endian, 16-bit or 24-bit, at least 48kHz
  • Expected channels: L, R, C, LFE, Ls, Rs


  • MPEG-1 layer II stereo
  • 384 kpbs
  • 48Khz
  • Included in the same file as the delivered video.


Music Video Screen Capture Image Profile

  • Screen capture from delivered video
  • JPEG with .jpg extension (quality unconstrained)
  • RGB (screen standard)
  • 1920 or 1280 fixed horizontal dimension
  • Images must be at least 72 dpi
  • Variable size vertical dimension. Must be same aspect ratio as video source,
  • Only the active pixel area may be included.


  • Do not increase the size of a smaller image to meet the minimum size standard.
  • CMYK color profile images will not be accepted.


iTunes & Apple Music Video Distribution

Reach a huge audience with your music video; Through 1710Media, It’s easy to get your videos on iTunes & Apple Music.

  • Release your music video on iTunes & Apple Music.
  • Your video will be available for streaming on Apple Music and placed on the iTunes store for sale, under your artist catalog.
  • Videos can include; Music Videos, Concert videos, Documentaries, Movies, etc.
  • Monitor instant Trends via Customized Dashboard.
  • 2 – 5 days delivery.
  • Retain 90% of total earnings, every month. No Minimum threshold.





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