What A&R Reps Do

Mathew Ekundayo - BLOG

What exactly is an ‘A&R’ rep anyway? We hear the term all the time, and most of us have a certain picture in our mind. But is it correct? Here’s a short job description.

An A&R Reps Primary Job:

Seek talent by:

  • Auditioning demo tapes (solicited, as well as unsolicited, depending on record label policy.) If interested, ask to see artist perform live.
  • Attending live shows at clubs, showcases, concerts, and other venues. Also visiting artist/band website and social neteworking sites like Twitter and Faceboook.
  • Following leads from any ‘buzz’ created by artists.
  • Checking industry insiders (managers, agents, attorneys, concert promoters, label promo reps, retail contacts, trade and consumer press tips, regional ‘scenes’, or other sources.)
  • Watching for talent on other labels, who’s contracts are expiring.

Other Responsibilities

  • Evaluate talent and match with potential audience tastes.
  • Sign talent to label with executives approval.
  • Search for new songs for existing talent on the label.
  • Coordinate label relationships for an artist, once they are signed to the label.
  • Provide creative input and direction on artist’s material.
  • Find suitable producers and recording studios.
  • Plan the recording budget with the business affairs department.

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