Why All Artists Needs an EPK (Electronic Press Kit)

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What is an EPK?

An EPK, or Electronic Press Kit, is a type of press kit that can be transmitted and shared electronically by musicians, often hosted on a website. An EPK typically includes links to a band’s music, band photos, album art, music videos, social media, and biography: everything someone in the music industry will need to grasp a band’s story, style, and substance in one place.

Electronic Press Kit Service

EPKs have become so popular that they have overtaken traditional press kits. Why? Because they’re more dynamic, accessible — and, well, fun.

Why you need a music press kit

EPK’s are so popular that they have become something of an expectation in the music industry. Put simply: professional, high quality acts have a professional, high quality EPK. If you’re lacking in this area, then anyone who you cross paths with in the music industry will take notice.

Catch attention of talent buyers

Prominent music supervisors, festival promoters and venue managers are often deluged with hundreds of pitches each day. That’s why your first impression is so important: it’s one of a hundred, and it may well be your last. Your music press kit allows you to hone and polish this first impression to have the maximum impact on talent buyers.

For better PR opportunities

Your music press kit also functions as a reservoir of information for any music journalist or blogger who wants to write about you. Say you’ve just released a new album and one of your songs catches the ear of a writer at a major music publication. They hit Google to find facts about your band, but instead of a fully-formed EPK they have to piece together info from interviews and can’t find high-res photos or lyrics. They’re not only less likely to direct their readers towards you, but you’ve also lost the opportunity to control your own narrative.

Attracting potential stakeholders

The last target audience for your EPK is anyone who may want a stake in your career, whether you’re looking for a manager or trying to get a new record deal. These folks want to hitch their ride to a winner, and one sign of a quality act that’s committed to success is a great EPK.

So, now the all important question: what EXACTLY goes into an EPK? Here are the main components that people in the music industry will expect to see (and some tips on how to get each part right).

1. Have a solid biography

This is your opportunity to build a narrative around your brand. You’ll want to include an overall bio, what kind of music you play, and where you’re from. But remember to flex your storytelling muscles a little! Talk about your inspirations, challenges, and achievements, and do it all in as little space as possible (2-3 paragraphs). This story should hook the reader and prompt them to dive deeper into your EPK.

2. Let your music do the heavy lifting

This is the main event: the music you choose will make or break your EPK, and it’s your chance to highlight your most unique and ear-catching songs. Pick the 1 or 2 songs that speak the most of your style and that most set you apart. The best songs to feature on your EPK are ones that will catch attention right from the start. Make your music available in one click — ideally, embedded into the EPK via SoundCloud or YouTube, rather than a Dropbox link.

 3.  High quality photos are essential

The photos you choose for your EPK are another great way to capture your band’s style. If you’re a brooding heavy metal band, your photos should look quite a bit different than a streetwise rapper (whose photos should look a LOT different than a Disney teen pop idol). But the most important thing is that your photos are high quality and professional. Include both hi-res (300 dpi) and lo-res (72 dpi) versions, 600 pixels wide at a minimum.

4. Show off your social media presence

Think of all the months or years of content that you’ve accumulated on your band’s social media pages: these are great resources for people interested in learning more about your band. Make sure you link to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, YouTube, Reverbnation, and anything else that might be relevant.

5. Include videos to amp up the energy

The videos you choose for your EPK should capture the energy and style of your brand, and align with the music and photos you’ve included. Post music videos (in HD) and links to songs and albums. Live videos can be especially important to give live talent buyers a taste of what your live performance is like.

6. Testimonials and reviews go a long way

One purpose of an EPK is to build prestige around your band and create a sense of momentum in the viewer: that your band is on it’s way up, that people dig you, and that the music world is on notice. Did your album get a shoutout in a magazine? Did a blogger love one of your shows and write a rave review? Feel free to screenshot or copy any press coverage and post it on your EPK — and back it up with the links.

7. Don’t forget to add contact information

Now, with all this kickass material in place, your EPK has won over the viewer and they want to reach out. So, you’ll need contact information for your band, label, booking agent, PR-manager, etc. There’s no point of sending out an EPK if you don’t make yourself accessible — so give the full info on people someone can contact if they want to get more info or book/invest in you.

8. Include an up to date tour schedule

Finally, include your current tour schedule, so if someone is interested they can check out your shows or booking agents can see if you’re already booked on a given date.


We can build a complete digital press kit that you will be able to update yourself when needed with your most recent content you wish to share, at any time from a PC, handheld devices or any other mobile devices. Get started today.



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