Why should every Musician have a Website?

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You might be asking yourself whether musicians need a website in the age of social media. The short answer is: Yes.

Your own music website makes a much better impression than supplying just a social media profile. A website shows that you're serious about making music and getting booked. In fact, it’s more important than ever to create a professional music website that you own and control. Here’s why:

You own the experience
With your own website, you have complete control over the design and branding. Unlike social media platforms, there are no design limits, no sudden changes, and no distractions like ads and links encouraging visitors to click away.

Your website visitor is there because they want to be there. Then it’s just up to you to direct their attention, and make their visit a meaningful one.


You own the website address
Your fans and the industry will always be able to find you at your official website address. It’s a little slice of the internet that is owned by you, always.


You make more money
If you’re selling music or merch, creating your own website is even more critical. You get to keep more money by selling to your fans, and you are giving them a way to support you directly.

Plus, fans can join your mailing list when shopping from your online store. This makes it easier to let them know directly about new music, live or virtual performances, crowdfunding campaigns, and more.


You own the data
The best way to get in touch with your fans is your email list. Creating a music website allows you to collect that data, and maintain direct communication with your fans. There's no “export list of fans” option on social networking sites because they own that database.

You also get detailed analytics data on your website visitors. This can help you understand your target market, see what kind of content drives visitors, and decide where to book shows.


1710Media create beautifully designed websites that are built to your specifications around your brand styling.

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