Someone is using my music without permission. What Can I do?

Mathew Ekundayo - BLOG

Each channel has means to report any content infringement and claim the original rights work.

Here are examples of the links where you can start a right claim if you believe someone is using your music without permission:





However, if you find your music in an illegal music webpage, then you have three ways to report this type of webs, as the legal route of the major part of the cases are more difficult, and we can’t know exactly who is behind that:

  1. If the website has Google advertising, you must proceed with the report in Google Adwords under the American Law DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act). It actives a proceed, so the website has to interrupt any download or streaming of the content, in a preventive way, until the incident is solved.
  2. Same proceed in Facebook. In both cases they will interrupt immediately the activity.
  3. Another option is, to visit, so you can know who is the web domain owner, and contact him/her directly.

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