List Of Music Stores We Deliver Your Music to

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We deliver your music to more shops than many other distributors. Here is  List Of Music Stores We Deliver Your Music to.

1710Media can get your music on Spotify, iTunes & Apple Music, Youtube Music, Tidal, Deezer, Pandora, Tiktok, Triller, Facebook, Boomplay, and everywhere else that matters. Our reach is already beyond 200 countries and growing to automatically include new stores as they become available. As our retailer list grows, so does your exposure to music fans around the world!


Where will my music be Distributed online?

The numbers change weekly as we deal with more and more shops but in all, we have access to over 100stores which you will find below. This does not mean that your music will appear in all shops because: some are boutique shops that only take a certain genre, other shops screen the music and take only a selection.

However, stores like iTunes, Tidal, Amazon, Spotify, 7Digital and Napster generally do not refuse any music.

Please note that your release might not appear on all of these websites - as it might be a shop with genre or label restrictions - and that the following list is preliminary and variable:

The major platforms includes;

...and many more stores.


How long for my music to appear in stores?

Your music will usually appear live in stores in 1-10 business days. Each store has a different system and delivers at different times, but it is not uncommon for your release to go live on iTunes a day or two later than other stores.

For an approximate breakdown of release times for some of our stores, see below:

  • iTunes: 1-5 business days.
  • Spotify: 1-7 days
  • Amazon MP3: 2-7 business days
  • Napster: 3-7 business days
  • TIDAL: 1-7 business days
  • Deezer: 1-7 business days
  • Boomplay Music: 1-10 business days.

If your release is not live in stores after 10 business days, please contact our support team.



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