Data Analytics In Music Touring

Data Analytics in Music Touring is a hot topic. Bands plan their setlist after streaming data.

Touring has become one of the most lucrative sections in the music industry. What is more, merch sold at concerts now makes a big portion of musicians income overall.

For the longest time, professionals working in touring had to have a really strong gut feeling when it came to making decisions.

How big should the venue be? How many fans are there locally and nationally? Is the magazine ad I’m running really engaging the fanbase?

Data Analytics has changed music touring in unprecedented ways

It might not come as a surprise when I say that Data Analytics has been one of the biggest changes in music touring. Collecting and evaluating data from your fanbase is giving you incremental benefits.

You can tailor your online marketing campaign to fit exactly the right people. Making your marketing budget stretch wider making everything much more economical.

That is not all, with data-driven marketing campaigns you can reach new customers. This helps you a great deal when planning a tour.

Your band might be a well-established band (and brand) that has a loyal fanbase. But what about this emerging new market? Why are there so many fans in Lagos?

Data can give you a solid base for making all important decisions. Most importantly it will sketch out a custom audience. Once you have your custom audience, your marketing campaign will be much efficient and successful!

Data can serve you a solid base for planning a tour

There are many sources to draw your data from. Many streaming services offer the possibility of accessing data.

Spotify for Artists, for example, lets you see who listen to what music when and where. Social Media platforms like Facebook or TikTok also give access to data.

Link tracking is especially good when you are planning a tour. Make sure that all partners along the distribution chain use custom made links that you track.

That means that you can see exactly where people bought your tickets. It also shows you who is still hesitating. Making them a prime target for retargeting efforts.

Secondly, you have to contextualize the collected data. Especially when the data comes from different sources. Not all data is created equally. 1710Media can help in making things easier, wherever your data is, we can collect for analysis.

Data Analytics in Music Touring offers endless opportunities. You can track people and make specific profiles of your audience.

You have an artist like Metallica, who changes their setlist on a city-by-city basis just by looking at Spotify data to see, which the most popular songs happened to be in that city – Daniel Ek, CEO Spotify. source

However, there are also touring experts who take Data Analytics in Music Touring with a pinch of hesitation.

Data Analytics in Music Touring has become a standard. However, let’s not forget the experience it takes to manage the jungle of music touring.

Our artists are able, through our data acquisition and interpretation, to grant the wishes of their fans. 1710 Media’s Music Data analytics team follows your fan’s journey throughout your environment and beyond – mapping out the fan journey with precision that leads to insight and action.

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