‘Nex The Artist’ is a Major Force in the Nigerian Music Scene

Mathew Ekundayo - Press Release

Nex The Artist is one of the hardest working artists with a wave of excitement that is building stronger and higher. Real name, Hansel Ik-Idoko, born in Lagos on 23rd July 1999; He started writing music at age 15.

Nex The Artist is an art enthusiast and a student of the University of Lagos, Nigeria. He has graced numerous stages across Nigeria including performing at an event hosted by the Enugu State Governor.



His first single “Mamacita” featuring Ceza comes at a time in his life where the challenges have been the toughest and the pressure to succeed is the highest. Yet he has embraced the pain of his life and expressed it in his music.

“Mamacita” is more of a hippy song that entails the fondness of a man towards a woman. The song has already found its home in several people’s hearts because of the honesty, the catchy melodies, and the passionate delivery in Nex’s voice.


Nex’s passion is unmatched, his work ethic is unworldly, and his vision is clear. His goal is to be a light to this world by shining through his amazing songwriting abilities, his live performances, and a spirit that is graced by God.

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Written by; 1710Media

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