How to improve your Live Performances

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Stage presence is essentially the ability to pull the attention of the audience into one’s performance. Performers with good stage presence are able to have a connection with the audience and envelop them with the story that is being told, in this case, the story that is being told by their live musical performance.

Having good stage presence will make your overall performance much more enjoyable to watch. It can really separate the amateur performers from more experienced ones.


Here they are:

1. Play as many gigs as you can, in as many venues as possible

Playing live frequently – even in awful venues – will help you to feel comfortable on stage and more able to deal with a variety of different (and even hostile) audiences. It will also do wonders for your playing, and – almost as importantly – your stage patter.


2. Try to differentiate your band from other acts

Don’t just stand there and play songs like every other artist: employ some theatricality. Whether that’s by dressing interestingly, on a light show or using some arty video backdrops.

Remember of course that there is a fine line between making your show look ‘interesting’ or making it look daft – but generally speaking, even a daft show is infinitely better than a bland one.


3. Invite feedback

Particularly if you are relatively new to gigging, ask (ideally impartial) members of your audience to give you an honest post-mortem after the gig. Don’t be offended if the feedback ain’t so hot: try to learn from it.

Another thing you can do is video your performances and, much like a football team sitting round the TV watching a game they’ve just played, try to establish what worked and what didn’t, with a view to including the good stuff more in gigs and omitting the bad.


4. Get out of your comfort zone

Don’t just play in your local venue. Try to find gigs in places where you wouldn’t normally look for them. Whether that means busking on the tube or playing in a fan’s house, the more you can er, expose yourself to different situations and audiences, the more likely you are to come into contact with people who you may be able to learn from – whether that’s simply a hard crowd or a bohemian photographer who goes onto play a big part in your sexy new look.



It’s very important to have a good stage presence whenever you perform. When it’s your show or concert, don’t perform like you’re just the music in the background, be confident and grab the attention of the crowd. These tips will help you improve your stage presence, overall making you a better performer. Remember, performing on stage with excellent stage presence is a skill that takes practice. The more you do it, the more you’ll improve. Keep practicing, experiencing, and learning. Best of luck on all of your future performances!


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