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100% Real AdWords YouTube Views

With YouTube, you can reach a global audience almost instantly. However, sometimes having a good video just isn’t enough; with the recent changes in YouTube’s algorithm, new content gets hidden behind pages of “trending” topics. Our Regular YouTube Views service is great for content creators who want to get their content noticed by the people who matter most!

For this service, we buy views for you through Google AdWords via an ad campaign. Each traffic campaign has to be approved and set up individually, therefore it can take up to 72 hours for views to start and then approximately 24 hours for your order to complete (or longer for large orders). Google Ad Words restrictions apply for this service. Videos can not contain, adult content, alcohol, weapons/violence, copyright content, gambling, or political content.

These views come from Real users. These are views from advertisements that the user sees before watching any YouTube video or on display networks registered with Google AdWords.
Please Note: Approval and/or Denial of the campaign depends on Google.

Start Time: 0-72 Hours
Speed: 10,000 - 100,000 per day
Retention: estimated up to 5 minutes, but watch time is not guaranteed.
GEO: Viewers could come from any country worldwide
Restrictions: No videos longer than 5 minutes in length.

What are the advantages of using YouTube ads?

As opposed to buying artificial views, you have complete control over YouTube ads. You can choose the formats, target your audience precisely, schedule when to run the ads, and receive deep insights after the ads are completed. Through 1710Media, you will be able to target your audience based on:

  • Demographics (location, age and gender)
  • Topical targeting
  • Affinity (or interest targeting)

Through these specific targeting funnels, 1710Media attracts a more relevant audience to the music you are promoting.

Why Choose 1710Media?

  • We promote until you reach your selected number of views.
  • You'll receive YouTube views, likes and comments
  • Your YouTube video will be shared on social media
  • YouTube Video will be featured on Juss Russ Radio
  • YouTube Video will be featured on Artist Sounds Blog
  • You'll get a report upon completion via email, Reports are sent when goal is reached

10,000 YouTube Ads Views


20,000 YouTube Ads Views