Why Chose 1710Media To Distribute Your Music

Welcome to 1710Media. If you’re an independent artist making music, you’re in the right place.

Since 2017, we’ve been giving independent artists like you the best way to release music easily and collect 100% of their royalties. Today we’re home to hundreds of artists – and we’ve already helped more than 10 of them get signed to a major label.

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Why 1710Media?

While it’s true there are lots of music aggregators out there, we’re not your ordinary digital distribution service. Still, you’re probably asking why you should choose 1710Media. There are a few reasons really:

We make worldwide distribution easy

We offer a simple yet effective way to release your music – and take it further. With 1710Media, it’s about as easy as it gets. Just upload your music and cover art, fill in the release info and pay – and you’re ready. Your music is live in just days.

We put your music in the world’s leading online music stores and streaming services, including major music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer – and more. Check out our full list of over 100 distribution partners.

With 1710Media, not only is it easy for you to quickly submit tracks for release but when your music is streamed or sold, you receive all your distribution sales revenue. That’s 100% of the royalties.

Check out our pricing page for further details.

You keep all your sales – 100% royalties

Our transparent pricing means you’ll only pay a small annual fee per release, with no hidden costs and no extra fees. We don’t take any percentage of your royalties. So you keep 100% of your rights and everything you earn with 1710Media.

We give you the tools to succeed

We support our artists by giving them some of the best free tools to develop both their music and careers.

Discover and plan

We’ll also show you where people are listening to you, so you can decide where to tour and promote next. Seeing your progress and learning what your fans like lets you plan better.


Our helpful FAQs, blogs and videos offer free advice and inspiration on everything from finding a manager to trying out the newest online music services.

We give you flexibility

With 1710Media there’s no more confusion about how to get your music on major digital music services like Spotify and Apple Music – we do it for you quickly and easily. And you can even choose to pre-schedule releases weeks ahead of time.

You also have the freedom to take down your releases at any time.



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