To Manage or Not to Manage Your Own Music PR

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Regardless of how much talent the artist has, if people are not aware of the music they are producing, their work might be deemed unnecessary. Today, 1710 Media will be explaining what music publicity is. Buckle up to learn what you should do and enjoy the ride!

Music PR is the process of taking up and coming artists along with their musical content and developing a customized strategy to promote their brand and music to the media to receive recognition.

In the competitive music industry, the key is to have an organized campaign that entails all the fundamentals needed to promote your artistic creation. The majority of the time, artists resort to having their PR done by a group of highly trained professionals. However, they can be unaffordable for someone who is just trying to just get started in the industry. So, they resort to dealing with things on their own. It will be a bit more challenging, but if you follow the most fundamental steps, you will achieve success as well.

You will have the ability to build your own career and digital reputation without having a middleman in between. Just don’t expect to be on the front cover of GQ after a couple of emails, you have to make the outlets believe your hype.

Where to start? So you have a bio, a press release. They’re both well-written. Who do you send it out to? Don’t sign up to Mailchimp and blast your email or press-kit to thousands of contacts. You will end up suspending your account after getting a high unsubscribe rate. Manually and well-curated emails, targeted to an actual ‘reviewer’ will increase your chances of getting; first a response and then an approval of submission.

Segment your tastemaker list using various filters such as: type of music they cover, location, interest, etc. This will allow you to customize one main email and create different versions by spinning a few keywords called ‘shortcuts’ in any email software.


You will only be able to carry out good PR if you have a detailed campaign calendar and plan of attack. Many labels promote releases and artists by hiring an external PR and marketing agency to do all that work. The aim of the game is to get as much press coverage as possible, and the PR at hand will record every bit of coverage that they have. Record labels can manage their media campaigns in-house but working with an external agency is added value, more resources and which eventually brings more results. This is why agencies like MusicPromoToday are known to be ‘official pr and marketing vendors’ for the biggest record labels; this includes Universal Music Group, Warner Music, Sony Music to name a few.

Make sure you remember who you are emailing and when, this way you can send them reminders if they don’t reply. Do your follow-ups in an organized fashion!

Be the word on everybody’s lips

If you have a good publicist or PR team, then you’re probably on track to be talked-about. Editors and journalists in the game will eventually review your music, video, EP or project – but don’t stop there! Fish for interview opportunities, cover stories and other ways to drive more eyeballs to your release.

Campaigns of artists like Beyonce, Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, Drake, and others have showcased their great music, but above all else, they have been meticulously promoted..they have many marketers, growth hackers, publicists and advertising dollars behind them. As stated above, don’t expect a leader in your industry to write a story about you if they have never heard about you. Sometimes your music is not a great fit for your preferred outlet or they are already busy writing about the storm of releases they’ve been blasted!

Shoot for the sky, but set proper expectations.

Brand Yourself [The Story]

It’s important to speak highly of yourself. If you don’t start, who will for you? Take the lead. So how do you speak highly of yourself?

What your pitching in your press releases/ emails is your music right? Here’s what matters more -> the message in it! Make sure it has a message, a story, a backend to it. Bring listeners behind the scenes. This drives more attention and amplifies the potential interest from the media. Above all music, the media LOVES stories. Pitch your story, not your music and the music will get auto-exposure.

The important thing to do to see EXPONENTIAL growth in marketing your music is building the proper team, it’s just like hiring in a company. Hire smarter people than you. People that can do things you can’t. Find the marketing agency that you trust and will be able to bring your visions to life creatively and clearly.

If you have further questions on growth hacking, pr, marketing and putting together the right team and story – leave us a message on our Contact page, and we will reply to you in less than 24 hours!

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