Radio Airplay & Interview

Since inception, 1710Media has specialized in helping brands and musicians get radio airplay around the country and beyond. Depending on your goals, we can develop a targeted radio campaign with either a national or regional focu. We develop a campaign that targets the most appropriate outlets for your release. We actively solicit these stations for airplay in addition to setting up radio interviews in your touring markets wherever possible. Feedback from radio is provided to you in detailed weekly reports.


We work closely with DJs, Production and Program Directors, and Station Managers at some of the nation’s most respected and prominent indie stations.


We will get your music or your album to all major Radio stations in Lagos, Ibadan, Kwara, Ondo, Osun, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Bayelsa and other major cities in Nigeria.


** Interviews are available on terms and conditions.

Radio Airplay & Interview


As unfortunate as it is, radio airplay is not a God-given right even for a great record. Radio stations receive hundreds of CDs every month with a few of them ever getting heard by the programmers, let alone getting any airplay.


We are a committed, multipurpose promotional team, and our clients enjoy the benefits of the strong relationships 1710Media has forged with radio stations across the country.


We work closely with DJs, Production & Program directors, and station managers at the nation's most respected and prominent radio stations.


Synchronized music play on several stations nationwide

This is a unique new offering where we send the singles to several radio stations and they are made to play the music the same day and the same time, and it will help make the artist and his single trend on social media once several OAP’s are playing the music and tweeting about it at the same time.

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