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Buy Real Deezer Music Plays

Deezer’s algorithm aims to create a personal music programmer for each user. This algorithm controls FLOW, the random mode that presents selected titles to each user. Further examples of your musical taste can be found in specially compiled albums. If you want to establish yourself on the platform, you can use targeted Deezer marketing to make the leap into these individualized services and thereby significantly improve awareness of your music.

Buying Deezer plays provides the algorithm with information on user interests in an organic way. A newly released track will seem to meet the taste of lots of users and will therefore be pushed up the rankings. This is also the result of a low skip rate within the first 30 seconds, which identifies plays as having been purchased. This assigns to the song a superior quality that is seen favorably by the algorithm.

The success of a single song can have an influence on the entire release. At least some of the users who are made aware of the new release will discover the entire album. This means there is a particularly good chance that further titles will be discovered, thus creating an even stronger bond with the user. If the music is convincing, new fans can be won.