Music Publishing Administration

As a Music Publishing Administrator, 1710Media administers your compositions by licensing, registering and collecting royalties on behalf of your compositions, ensuring you are not leaving any money on the table.

Are you a songwriter or composer
without a publishing deal?

Our music publishing administration service will empower you to create, knowing you'll earn royalties on top of your distribution revenue.

Your compositions will be registered with collection societies that pay performance and mechanical royalties when your music is used, sold, streamed or performed publicly.

We have a system in place to pitch, liase, license, and collect royalties when your Music is used;

  • In Businesses that play / Use background, recorded, broadcast or live music in public.
  • On Terrestrial radio (FM/AM radio stations) and Television stations.
  • In Digital marketplaces (iTunes, Amazon, etc).
  • On Interactive or on-demand streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, etc).
  • On Non-interactive web casters (Pandora, Rdio, etc).
  • As physical products (such as records, CDs and DVDs - Alaba Mixtape, etc).
  • Into audio-visual entertainment (Synchronization) including: TV, film, games, Social Media, advertising.


Features Included In Our Music Publishing Administration Service

Worldwide Representation

If you are not affiliated with any PRO, the one-time signup fee covers any additional fees that would be necessary to affiliate with PROs worldwide.

Works Registration

We register every composition you submit with the societies and digital partners in Nigeria and over 60 countries. No limit to the number of works you can register.

Already with a PRO?

If you are affiliated with a PRO, no problem! You can remain a member with them and join our service – We collect royalties in addition to what they collect (all income types – not just performance).


Our proprietary tools allow us to track every recording of your songs and ensure you're being paid for each of them.

Payment source

We have the infrasture and partnerships to claim your; Performance, Mechanical, and Synchronization Royalties. You can claim royalties from as far back as 2 years ago in many cases.

Synch Placements

We pitch songs to tv shows, films, video games, promos, and commercials. We are able to obtain the highest possible fees for our clients. 

Keep 100% of your rights

You, the Songwriter, keep full ownership of everything.

Keep 90% of the royalties you earn

We charge a 10% administration fee for all royalty types. You keep 90%.

  • We manage all aspects of Registration, Licensing, and Royalty collection processes.

  • Worldwide collection: We register your music directly with royalty collection organisations in Nigeria and over 60+ other countries.

  • Claim royalty back payments: You can claim royalties from as far back as 2 years ago in many cases.

  • Register live performances: Earn royalties from your past and present live performances.

  • Get royalties when your music is used in; Hotels, Clubs, Online, TV and Radio stations, Halls, Transport Facilities, and many others.

  • Keep 90% of all royalties: We charge a 10% administration fee for all royalty types.

  • You pay a one-time fee (per songwriter): We charge a one-time fee per songwriter. Not annual, not per-release, Its just one time.


Check out some of the Most Frequently asked questions relating to Music Publishing Administration.

Music publishing administration is a service that relieves artists of publishing responsibilities so they can focus on creating and building their audience. A publishing administrator will help you earn money from the composition by managing your copyright and income.

1710Media will register your music with performing rights organizations and collection societies across the world - they charge any businesses for the right to play recordings or host performances of your music.

The PRO will then distribute royalties to you, the artist, through your publishing administrator (US). You'll receive compensation when your music plays on the radio, at a restaurant, on a TV broadcast and more.

We act as a publishing administrator for our clients, meaning we can register songs and collect royalties on their behalf without owning any percentage of their copyrights.

With 1710Media as your administrator, your works will be connected to Performing Rights Organizations (PROs), Collective Management Organizations (CMOs), and other collection socities locally and internationally.

We register songs with 60+ performance and mechanical collection societies worldwide in order to collect royalties generated from sales, streams, radio play, live performances, television broadcasts, etc.

The various societies process the registrations at different paces, and pay royalties out on varying timelines, so it typically takes 4-12 months before clients see their first royalty statement.

After the initial statement, as long as royalties are being generated, they'll be paid out by us quarterly on the following quarter they are released. We take a 10% commission on all royalties we collect on your behalf.

Music Publishing Administration involves the administration and collection of royalties related to musical compositions. Publishing administration allows you to collect royalties from the usage of your musical compositions worldwide. 

Music Copyrighting involves the registration of a composition with the NCC as a legal copyright. Filing a registration of your song with the NCC allows you to make a legal case against any entity or individual who steals your original creative ideas. 

Performance royalties are earned when your composition is played on digital radio-like services (e.g. Pandora), when your composition is accessed and played through on-demand streaming services (e.g. Spotify), and when your composition is performed in venues, bars, and restaurants. 

Mechanical royalties are those you earn for any reproduction of one of your compositions. There are a few instances where mechanical royalties will come into play.

Today, mechanical royalties from streaming services are the most prominent form you can earn. Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL and others will pay you a small amount for every stream your songs receive.

No. It would also not benefit you and would create more of a complicated royalty collection process for yourself so we recommend signing up with us for Publishing royalty collection.

This is situation-dependent on the deal you signed with the record label and/or if you've given up publishing rights to your music. You will need to do some close research to discern which songs (if any) you are allowed to register and collect with our service. Please address this situation carefully with your label(s).

If the label states in the contract that it owns a percentage in your composition/publishing, explicitly states that it is the publisher and assumes all responsibilities thereof, including to handle administration and collection of all publishing royalties worldwide, then you shouldn’t register with us the songs released by that label. (But you can still register with us as a songwriter for publishing administration to collect publishing royalties for your other songs.)

However, some record labels can get confused. The definition of “publishing” is unclear to some, and some call themselves the “publisher” of a song. It gets tricky when the label claims to be the publisher but there is no explicit statement of any of the above in your artist-label contract. If there is no explicit statement of this and if you have never received any publishing royalties from your label or from your PRO, then your label is not the publisher and cannot claim it. We can be your publishing administrator for your song.

No. As a publishing administrator, we take no ownership of your copyrights. We collect a 10% fee on anything we collect for you. When the term is over you are free to renew, take over the administration yourself, or sign with another publisher. You always keep ownership of your publishing with 1710Media.

Performing rights organizations like ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC collect your performance royalties only, and we work with them to collect these royalties on your behalf. In addition, 1710Media is also able to collect 13 different types of royalties for you, some of which are nearly impossible to collect without a publishing administrator.