What To Do When Your Music Is Showing on Another Artists' Page on Spotify

Mathew Ekundayo - BLOG

This happens often especially when artists release music under the exact same name, as it is difficult for a store's algorithms to tell the difference between an artist named Sam from the Nigeria and a Sam from the USA.

Before creating your first release we recommend checking to see that no one is releasing music under the name you intend to, and to come up with a unique artist name if so. It's also a good idea to claim or verify your artist profile on the stores - read how to do that on Spotify and Apple Music.

We send all information to the stores exactly as you enter it when creating your release, and so any mixups are unfortunately an issue in the store's systems - but not to worry! The steps to getting your music on the correct profile are very simple.

  1. Go to the Spotify Metadata Feedback portal
  2. Enter in the link to the release that was placed on the incorrect artist profile as well as a link to the artist profile that the album should go
  3. If you are a new artist you can specify so in the Extra Information field and Spotify will create a brand new artist profile for your release
  4. Click Submit at the bottom of the form. Spotify will respond within 24-72 business hours

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