What are the fees for Video Distribution?


  • Deliver up to 2 Music videos on VEVO, Tidal & Amazon Prime.
  • We create your Vevo channel, update channel’s artworks and publish 2 videos.
  • If you do not have an existing VEVO channel, this plan is for you.


  • Deliver up to 2 Music videos on VEVO, Tidal, Amazon Prime, itunes & Apple Music store.
  • We create your Vevo channel, update channel’s artwork and publish 2 videos.

VEVO video submission:#10,000

  • Deliver one Music video on your existing VEVO Channel.

TIDAL video submission:#10,000

  • Deliver One Music video on Tidal.

iTUNES video submission:#10,000

  • Deliver one Music video on itunes & Apple Music store. See iTunes Video requirements.


  • Deliver unlimited Music video on VEVO, Tidal, Amazon Prime, itunes & Apple Music store. For up to 3 artists. Ideal for Labels, Management etc.
  • Vevo Channel Creation + Unlimited Video upload + Vevo channel images updates (up to 3 different artists).


What you need to deliver your video;

  • To deliver your music video you first need to use a program to deliver your music video to us. You can use: WeTransfer.com, Drop Box, or Google Drive. You will simply need to upload to one of those providers and once that is complete, you can proceed to our video submission form and include the link of your video. Once that is done, you are done!
  • Artist Profile photo (it cannot be a logo or graphic, at least 5000px by 5000px at 72dpi, centered and some space from the edges ) for VEVO Youtube channel creation.
  • Artist Banner Image/Graphic: 2560 x 1440 px is recommended for a new YouTube Vevo channel in this size. 


Once you make the payment, you will be redirected to fill your Video release information.

By proceeding to pay, fill and submit the form, you have read and agreed to the TERMS.

* are compulsory

1710MEDIA, a company located at 11, Adio Street, New Garage, Gbagada, Lagos, Nigeria (“1710Media”).
 (“Content Owner”)  
1710Media is a company duly incorporated in Nigeria, providing content providers a digital distribution service made in cooperation with a number of third party Service-Providers, sales platforms in order to distribute and offer the catalogue of Licensor (music tracks and video clips) for sale via downloads, streams, subscription services, ringtones, caller ring-back tones, etc. through any possible digital distribution channels of third parties (e.g. BoomPlay Music, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, Napster, Google Play, Amazon, etc.) 1710Media owns the rights to the audio/visual content, which is subject matter of this agreement.
1. TERM:  One year, commencing on the Effective Date; automatically renewable in perpetuity for further One-year periods unless terminated by either party.  
2. TERRITORY:   Worldwide
3. OWNERSHIP:  Content Owner warrants and represents that it has the right, power and authority to enter into this Agreement and grant 1710Media on the terms set out in this Agreement.
4. CONTENT OWNER’S OBLIGATION: Content Owner shall provide 1710Media with all Content Owner’s repertoire along with the metadata and artwork in a timely     manner but, in any event, no later than when the repertoire becomes publicly available for purchase/download. Content Owner shall state the name of the Composer/ Songwriter and details of music publishers (if any). Content Owner authorizes 1710Media to obtain for and assign to the eMasters ISRC and EAN/UPC-A codes.  of each repertoire in the appropriate schedule annexed to this contract.   
5. RIGHT: Content Owner assigns to 1710Media the exclusive, worldwide and assignable right to offer its music and video recordings for sales purposes by downloads and streams made through the end consumer on the internet in online shops and in third party sales platforms as well as saving the necessary data in databases and making such data  available for download.  
1710Media reserves the right not to include or submit any eMaster, Metadata or any other materials to any Platforms that we reasonably believe may for technical reasons not meet the required specs or for legal reasons be unlawful or give rise to potential third-party claims. In addition, 1710Media reserve the subsequent right to withdraw (permanently or temporarily) eMasters Metadata or any other materials from any  Platforms which 1710Media reasonably believes is subject to or may give rise to third party claims. Under no circumstances shall 1710Media be held liable or responsible in respect of any eMaster Metadata or any other materials submitted by Licensor and which 1710Media has included or submitted to any Platforms.

6. PAYMENTS:   1710Media will pay Content Owner a sum equivalent to 100% of its net receipts from the exploitation of Content Owner’s repertoire via its own or third sales platforms/digital distributors and for all music tracks sold and accounted to 1710Media.  
Revenue reporting will be issued to Content Owner commencing from 3 months after the release of each product. 1710Media will only make payments above $100, and Owner will be responsible for all charges relating to payments made. 1710Media will only make payments to bank accounts in Owner’s name or business name.
If payment due to the Content Owner is not at least equivalent to 100 USD, it will be rolled over into successive accounting periods until payments due exceeds the equivalent of 100 USD.
7. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY:  Each party shall retain ownership and control of its intellectual property. 
8. TERMINATION:  The Agreement may be terminated (by a Terminating Party) as follows: 
I. Upon the other Party becomes bankrupt;  II. Where the terminating party has given the other party notice of a material breach and such party has failed to cure the breach within 30days after receipt of the notice.  III. At any time, by either party delivering a written notice of 30days to the other party. 
Upon termination, 1710Media will stop selling or providing Content Owner’s repertoire in connection with its service. 
9. INDEMNIFICATION:  Each Party will at its cost defend the other party from any third-Party claim or action for damages or infringement caused by the indemnifying party.

10. CONFIDENTAILITY: Each party will hold confidential and will cause its agents and advisors to hold confidential all information regarding the other party’s business learned in the course of their relationship under this Agreement.           

11. INTERPRETATION:  CONTENT OWNER – Individual or Organization that controls     and grants access to the content. 
12. GOVERNING LAW: Nigeria 
13. DISPUTE RESOLUTION:   Parties will attempt to resolve all disputes amicably, failing    which either party may, by written notice refer the matter to    arbitration, under a sole arbitrator to be appointed by the    Chairperson, for the time being, of the Chartered Institute of    Arbitrators, Lagos Branch.