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By publishing your music video in the iTunes store, you will be making it available to millions of potential viewers. Through 1710Media, It's easy to get your videos on iTunes & Apple Music and reach a huge audience with your music video. You also get paid Royalties.

How do I sell my videos on iTunes?

If you've worked hard to create some original content and you'd like to sell it through iTunes, you're in luck. iTunes accepts original feature-length motion pictures and documentaries that were originally released either in theatres or straight to video. 

If you've created a Music Video, Concert video or Documentary; 1710Media can get it on the Music section of the iTunes store. We are seasoned experts in delivering content to iTunes, and we know what needs to be done and how to do it. For a price, we can format and deliver your content to Apple, exactly per Apple’s specifications.


Apple Music is more than just a listening service. Your fans can watch your favorite music videos, too. Each Apple Music artist page features a section at the bottom dedicated to music videos. 

Apple expanded its Apple Music streaming subscription service to include thousands of music videos. Apple is taking its foray into music videos seriously, with the potential to topple YouTube and VEVO as the new place to go for videos. The company wasted no time in declaring Apple Music the "new home for music videos".

You can access Apple Music's video catalog on any Apple Music-compatible device including; iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad, the Apple TV, Mac and Windows computers via iTunes, and the Apple Music for Android mobile app.

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How long does it take for my video to me published on iTunes?

Between 3 - 14 days from the moment we submit the video.


Do I get royalties from my Music Video on Apple Music?

You retain 100% of your copyrights. The price we charge is only for the service of uploading and distributing your music video to itunes. We will keep a revenue share of 20% of the generated income. You get 80%. No annual fees. Monthly royalty statements and payouts.

After completing your order, you will be redirected to submit your video details and files for processing. 

Apple Music & iTunes Video Distribution

1710Media will deliver Your Encoded Music Video on Apple Music & iTunes.
  • File Format : QuickTime (.mov files)
  • Codec : Apple PRO RES 422 (HQ)
  • Size : 1920×1080 pixels
  • Video Bitrate : ~220 Mb/s
  • Framerate : 24 or 25 fps
  • Colorspace : YUV 422
  • Gamma Range : Between 2.15 and 2.25
  • Pixel ratio : Ratio must be 1:1 (square pixel)
  • Progressive : The video must not be interlaced
  • Black frame begining/ending : The video must contain one black frame at the beginning and at the end
  • Black bar scopes and logos : No logo will be accepted Black bars accepted but we need crop size information (in pixels). * crop left: The number of whole pixels from the left of the encoded image to remove. * crop top: The number of whole pixels from the top of the encoded image to remove. * crop right: The number of whole pixels from the right of the encoded image to remove. * crop bottom: The number of whole pixels from the bottom of the encoded image to remove.
  • Sound Quality : Codec – PCM Sampling frequency, 48 kHz Sample size, 16 bits Audio bitrate, ~1536 kb/s, 2 Channels (stereo)

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