Music Rights Administration

Get started with Music Administrative Services. The Admin side of the music business can be incredibly complex.

Registering and administering copyrights, negotiating licenses, tracking song usage and collecting payments for song royalties aren’t tasks that just anyone can (or should) do. But it’s what we do best at 1710Media.

Let the world watch your performance, expressions and feelings, while you generate revenue.

  • Create and maintain song files for all active titles
    Register copyrights and sound recordings with the Library of Congress
    Clear and/or index titles with the performing rights societies, review and maintain accurate registrations, submit cue sheets, handle counter claims and erroneous registrations
    Register with and collect from international sub-publishing affiliates
    Submit song schedules and activity to foreign sub-publishers for collections
    Negotiate and execute all license types (no U.S. third party licensing agent utilized)
    Monitor and claim publishing for online videos (YouTube)
    Conduct line item audits on all source documents, ensuring that licensees are paying correct rates, reporting accurate units and paying for all licensed usages
    Render statements to client, and any designated royalty recipients under contract with client, on a quarterly basis
    Solicit compositions for film, TV and commercial placements worldwide
    Facilitate co-writing opportunities and artist collaborations

Our Services

Join a roster of artists using our exclusive Music marketing and Promotion services to build your future success.

Music Consultation

We can help you navigate various contracts and other business agreements and communications, advise on contract negotiation and dispute resolution and help you in finding suitable legal representation where needed. We can save you money by advance preparation before you hire a lawyer.

Music Publishing Administration

As a Music Publishing Administrator, 1710Media administers your compositions by licensing, registering and collecting royalties on behalf of your compositions, ensuring you are not leaving any money on the table.

Music Company Registration

Are you an aspiring record label owner, artist, songwriter, producer or influencer looking to take the first set in properly setting up your business? We help creatives take the first step in entrepreneurship. Let us assist you with the formation of your business.

Music Copyright Registration

1710Media provides the fastest and most affordable way for you to protect yourself and your copyrights. Register and protect music from theft and plagiarism.

Music Trademark Registration

Our Trademark Registration service can help protect your name – and your work – from misuse and infringement. We conduct Trademark Search, Prepare and File Application with the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade & Investment.

Music Contract Drafting

If you are looking for a professional and experienced music business agreement / contract drafting service, then you are at the right place. Services include an initial discovery call, contract drafting, and unlimited contract revisions.

Youtube Channel Management

Music Data Analytics

1710Media helps Music & Entertainment Professionals make smarter and faster business decisions by providing reliable data, beautiful visuals, and in-depth insights. We provide you the opportunity to access deep data analysis about your career.

Music Event Management

With our Event Management services, 1710Media specializes in the organization of events, concerts, seminars, conferences, exhibitions, meetings, Festivals, Release Parties, product launches, etc.