Amazing Animated and Lyric Video

Behind every song, there is a good story to tell, any artist should be able to tell her story through a music video without investing a lot of money and energy, it should be simple and affordable. You can use your lyric video on any social media; all resources will be royalty-free, therefore, you own the full right.

Usually, animated lyric video shows lyrics of the song synchronized with the music. In addition to that, lyric video contains various visual effects making reading the lyrics comfortable and entertaining.

Opposite to music video production, lyric video is relatively cheap to make. Due to low costs and simplicity of production, lyric videos have gradually gained popularity among big and small artists. As a result, they quickly became one of the main music trends on YouTube.

You will get:

  • Exclusive text effect and animation with particles.
  • Full HD 1080p or 4K
  • Exclusive stock videos (100% free for commercial use).
  • Lyrics up to 300 words
  • Exclusively animated background


Required files:

  • Your audio song (.wav, .mp3 files)
  • Lyrics of Song (.docx, .txt files)
  • Background footage {optional} (.mp4, .mov, .mkv files)


Lyric video production is a less expensive option to release a strong visual for your new single. You will see Major Record Labels release lyric videos first to test the waters. They spend anywhere from $399-$1750 on a lyric video and they won’t have to shoot an official music video for $15k-20k right off the bat.

This allows them to see if the artist’s fan base will take to the new single. If they get a great response, it gives them confidence to move forward with the music video as they know it will be a success. When a lyric video production is designed correctly it should not only drive attrention but it should add to the artist’s overall brand.

Lyric videos give the fans something to follow along with and to relate to the lyrics instead of just hearing the song itself. It’s a great way to get people to pay attention to what is being said in the song. Lyric videos are very easy to promote because they are searched around the world daily. If your lyric video is designed correctly, you will be able to generate thousands of views to your video while generating new fans.

Basic Package

Amazing Animated and Lyric Video

Basic lyric video design with simple animations & backgrounds. We can also design around your cover art, a picture or on top of a motion video. And integrate your website and social media handles for your single. Free up to 400 words including free revisions.

Professional Package

Amazing Animated and Lyric Video

We design a fully animated clean typography lyric video with some background animations for this package. This package is perfect for any song which has a decent tempo and a beat with all the movements. Let our lyric video makers design the perfect video for your new release.

Premium Package

Amazing Animated and Lyric Video

The most popular with major labels and artists as we deliver top-notch lyric video production with more freedom, revisions, unlimited use of images and videos. Custom animation scenes, special effects, and advanced techniques, camera movements if you are looking to make a statement!