Data Analytics For the Music & Entertainment Industry

1710Media helps Music & Entertainment Professionals make smarter and faster business decisions by providing reliable data, beautiful visuals AND in-depth insights. We provide you the opportunity to access deep data analysis about your career.

Music Streaming Analysis

We produce clean, precise and actionable insights, so you and your team can make the most efficient and informed decisions

Apply data to the business of music from album releases to promotional strategies and touring. 1710Media will apply data analysis, extract data, perform queries, and represent data visually in ways that help with communication and understanding.

When used correctly, data about artists and music serve as invaluable tools, allowing to measure performance accurately and understand the current market, informing decisions with real facts and figures, and providing insight into how existing processes may be made more efficient.

Its important to know where your music is played from. Not just sales data but social media engagements, radio airplays and many more. We provide you the opportunity to access deep data analysis about your musical career.


1710Media creates beautifully designed websites that are built to your specifications around your brand styling.

Sales & Insights

Our team’s expertise turns raw numbers into useful knowledge. When we know where the numbers take us, we know how to increase the impact of an artist’s campaigns.

Identify your biggest career achievements and discover future opportunities.

360º View of Fans

Our team tracks numerous channels; websites, webstores, email marketing, DSP preferences, socials - to identify fan affinity and consumer behavior.

We track the way your fans interact with your music. Find out what your listeners are saying about your sound.

Playlists & Blogs

We show you where your music is playlisted - and where it could be. Explore the playlists where your music is performing on streaming platforms. See which playlists generate most streams from your catalog, and which curators are influencing discovery. We monitor hundreds of blogs worldwide and let you know when and where your music is featured.

User Generated Content

Discover your biggest influencers. We Visualize consolidated trend data from top music services. See top performers and gain a deeper understanding of your daily streams and download consumption. Understand what’s performing across all formats, stores, services, and channels.


Understand your audience by age, gender, device & geography. Get a deeper insight into the top cities where your content is performing to inform your touring decisions.


Drill down into your revenue data with interactive graphs, and get detailed insights by channel, country, service, artist, label, release and track. 


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