1710Media offers legal and business services that are informed by industry best practice and decade of expertise working with a broad range of clients, from world-renowned record labels to artists and producers of all genres.


Many artists, musicians and label heads aren’t entirely clued up on music industry law and the legal regulations surrounding activities such as distribution, licensing, sync and music copyright.


Though we are a music agency and not a law firm, we can provide expert advice on legal issues relating to these areas and draw from a vast pool of knowledge accrued over decade working in the music industry.


We’re able to provide guidance on almost every area of music law, keeping you up to date with legal issues in the music industry and ensuring that the operations of your label abide by music industry laws and regulations.


Our music industry contracts are drafted and updated by an experienced entertainment attorney. Each type of music contract can be edited by you to conform to the terms of your deal. We also provide paragraph-by-paragraph explanations for some of our music business contracts that you won’t find anywhere else.


We can closely study any contracts prior to signing and provide an expert eye that will spot any clauses that might cause issues down the line. Our extensive experience drafting and advising on the types of contracts involved in music law can be invaluable to both labels and artists.


The team at 1710Media are happy to negotiate on your behalf, ensuring that you end up signing contracts that contain the most favourable terms possible, leading to profitable results that benefit both parties involved and forge productive relationships.


We provide advice that’s based on our in-depth understanding of best practice within music law. Our recommendations are grounded in knowledge drawn from decade of experience working on deals, contracts, negotiations and legal issues that are unique to the music industry.

Music Contract

Planning a recording session with a writing partner?

Producing beats for an artiste?


You NEED a contract!


The contracts a producer of recordings needs to contract with others for the producer's services and use of music.



The contracts a label needs to run its business and contract with artists, producers and others.



The contracts an artist manager needs to sign an artist and conduct business on behalf of the artist.



The contracts a concert promoter needs to produce a concert or festival along with the contracts an artist needs to perform live.



The contracts a recording and live performing artist needs when developing and working with others independently.

Music Law

When you get in the studio you want it to be a relaxed environment so everyone can just let the creativity flow. Nothing kills creativity faster than being stressed out about the business.


We’ll talk to you about your project and help you draw out a contract that says exactly what you want it to.


We always recommend seeing a lawyer before signing anything, but we want you to have the peace of mind knowing that at least you have something in writing before you hit record.


1710Media is run by experts within their field. Our team has a deep and detailed understanding of music law and music industry laws and regulations, and we regularly keep up to date with legal issues in the music industry, enabling us to offer a service that’s informed and reliable.

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