Music Contract Drafting

We provide professional and experienced music business agreement / Music Contract Drafting service. Includes an initial discovery call, contract drafting, and unlimited contract revisions.

Each contract / agreement is customized
to fit specific requirement and scenerio.

For years, artists and music professionals have had to rely on using outdated low-quality music contracts, often written for a territory different to their own (and thus based on different legislation). Alternatively, you can pay thousands in legal fees to have a custom contract written up.

1710Media's team provide essential advice to clients that have been offered a contract, draft custom agreements that protect our clients’ rights & revenue, and assist with pre-existing contracts.

We can closely study any contracts prior to signing and provide an expert eye that will spot any clauses that might cause issues down the line. Our extensive experience drafting and advising on the types of contracts involved in music law can be invaluable to both labels and artists.

Though we are a music agency and not a law firm, we can provide expert advice on legal issues relating to these areas and draw from a vast pool of knowledge accrued over a decade working in the music industry.

We can clearly explain all the different deal options available to you and offer advice on deal structures. Our Music business contracts include:

  • Musician / Artist Contracts
  • Record Label Contracts
  • Manager Contracts
  • Producer Contracts


Features Included In Our Music Contract Drafting Service

Initial Call

Service include an optional thirty-minute discovery Video or Audio call to fully understand the project.


We'll help you structure the deal correctly, making sure it’s beneficial for you, whilst still being attractive to the other party (or parties).

Professionally Drafted

We draft professional music business contract to help maximize your control, ownership and financial interests.


If you intend to make a deal and are planning on proposing deal terms to another party, we can help you create a best-possible deal proposal.

Straight to Point

We understand important issues to address in a contract. We draft in clear and concise terms to avoid any confusion on the rights and responsibilities of both parties.

Custom Made

Each contract / agreement is customized to fit specific requirement and scenerio. You won't find another copy elsewhere. You own 100% rights to it.

Industry Experience

We represent clients on both the company and artist side providing us the experience to know the legal and industry issues that are important to include for both sides in a contract.

Unlimited Revisions

All our Music contracts / agreements drafting comes with Unlimited revisions. Changes can be made until you are fully satisfied.

  • Customized Music contracts agreements based on request.

  • Unlimited Revisions.

  • Initial call

  • Professionaly drafted.

  • 2-3 working days delivery.


Check out some of the Most Frequently asked questions relating to Music Contract Drafting Services.

An artist agreement or contract is an agreement between two parties, one acting as a producer/maker and the other as an artist who provides his/her services and/or engages for a particular project as film or music composition, singing, or dubbing, etc.

The agreement is like any other contract which commences from an offer and its acceptance by the party for a lawful consideration and lawful object. It is a form of employment contract or service contract. This agreement defines the role of an artist in a project and his obligations and duties. As the work of an artist entails originality, therefore, it requires to be protected from any kind of infringement or breach and clear terms of professional conduct.

While it may be tempting to write your own contracts or simply adapt something you found on the Internet, doing so can cause more problems than it solves.  For instance, there may be specific language that is required to make your agreement enforceable or have the legal effect that you were intending.

Further, 1710Media will highlight potential problems during the drafting process so that you can address them before they occur and include relevant provisions in the agreement to better protect your interests.

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