Let 1710Media help you navigate your music career. It’s a crowded market out there but this isn’t our first rodeo. We can help you determine where to direct your energy to give your music the shot it deserves. 


We consult on a variety of issues artists face and our focus is on career strategies and artist development.  Whether you need an hour or two to sit down and chat or have a larger project you'll need ongoing help on, we give honest, straight forward advice and direction.


Financial Consulting

Your music is your business. 1710Media can provide advice for startup artists, or work with existing artists to create new revenue streams and increase profits.



Branding Consulting

Your unique brand is how your fans can tell you from the rest of the herd. Does it communicate the same message as your music? Let 1710Media help you break out of the field with a professional branding strategy.



Data Analysis & Reporting

From Facebook likes, Twitter retweets, Spotify playlist ads to Soundcloud plays, you have gigabytes of data being produced weekly. Our data team can collect, organize, analyze and transform this data into actionable insights.

You might already be managing some elements of your music career. You’re probably already booking some of your own shows. You may just need some extra help to teach you how to do some things that you don’t know, things like:

- What does it take to get a record deal (and do you really need one)?
- Do you need a manager, distribution, a publicist, a booking agent or learn how to do some of this yourself?
- Understanding the recording process: how to find a good studio, how to budget for your record, how to prepare your record for mastering or releasing it.
- How to book your own tour and not go broke while on the road.
- How to license your music so you can get it info films, video games, tv shows, and more.
- How to make a living with your music.
- How to promote your music online and on digital music platforms.
- How to grow your social media followers.
- Internet profiling and social media.
- Image consultation and branding.

- Music business affairs.
- Setting up for music accounting.
- Music Intelligence.
- Career Advice.
- Music Contracts.
- Business Entity Formation.
- Copyright Registration.
- Trademark of Artist Name.
- Dispute Resolution.
- Trademark of Business Names.
- Business and Investment plans.
- Music Insurance.

Maybe you have some other things in mind as well. It’s your chance to get personalized advice for your music, your project, and your dream. You can ask any questions you’d like about any stage of your career and we will give you straightforward advice, ideas you can use right away, and answers based off of years of experience and natural know-how.

Get Started For Free!!!

Please include all of the details about what you are looking to accomplish from this session. Tell us your back story, tell us your goals, struggles, successes, failures, and vision. We will review and let you know the best session option available for your needs.

We look forward to the possibility of working with you.

  • Receive experienced and well rounded Music Industry Guidance.
  • Discuss Objectives.
  • Flesh out and Establish Goals.
  • Develop a Plan of Action.
  • Move Your Career Forward.