If it's not immediately obvious what makes you unique and special, you're missing the boat! We work with you to brand all aspects of your marketing, putting together a cohesive strategy to unify your look, feel and copy in a way that makes you stand out from the crowd. 1710 Media works with musicians, music festivals and record labels worldwide in developing their image.


We work with existing and emerging record labels in developing their image from branding to web design. We have been very fortunate to work with some incredible labels.


We work with musicians and bands in developing their branding, album design, social media design, press kits and merch design.


We have worked with music festivals in creating their branding, web design, ticket/booklet designs, merch, stage design/banner, photography, posters and social media design.

1710 Media can help with the development of how your brand is perceived in the market. Constructing a positive relationship with the target market is vital for your brand. We have worked along side some of the newest emerging artists and record labels in creating their brand. 1710 Media has real understanding of not only what artists are looking for but what record labels and music festivals can benefit from to grow their presence. 

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Brand Audits

More of a report card on how you're doing and what you need to change to have a lasting effect on your audience. We work through our brand audit process to determine your brand's personality and meaning and how to communicate these things effectively to your target audience. We help you get on the right track to grow your brand.

artist development 1710 media

Artist/Brand Development

Specifically designed for independent artists and startup companies, our artist/brand development services provide you with everything you need for a cohesive brand presence offline, online and on socials. We get you set up with all of the basics - web design, EPK, bio, social media channels, and more.

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Website Design

While the first step in getting your music out there is definitely social media and distribution, a website is critical for building a contact list and sharing information with fans. 1710 Media can build you a website that will solidify your legitimacy as an artist.

duane banks epk

Media Kit Creation

We have extensive experience composing, designing and crafting your Press Kit in a manner that will accomplish your personal goals. Media kits (aka EPKs) are useful across all industries - from musicians, to filmakers, to companies and brands. We create authentic, engaging, and informative electronic media kits that will be useful to showcase your brand in a variety of ways.

artist bio

Bio Creation

One paragraph is enough to get the attention of a record label executive or influential media rep. We write the most eye-catching bios.



We partner with a team of excellent designers who specialize in everything from merch, album covers, tour posters, website design, graphics, social media content creation, and so much more. Any design need you have - we can provide.

Mayzee Google Panel

Google Artist Verification

Labels want to search your name on Google and see loads of trending content about you. Like a resume. Fans simply take you more serious when you are verified on Google as a music artist.



Sometimes you don’t need a full-on Press Kit when distributing your music. An impressive one-pager can do it. As with our press kit services, we will compose and design an impressive piece that can feature your music and photos and both be interactive and printed.


Feature a Major Artist

Using the brand power and leverage of a major artist can advance your career like no other. Capture their fan base while growing yours and pushing your single out to the masses.

Music Data Analytics

Music Data Analysis

Targeted Fanbase Analysis. Working with 1710 Media gives you a leg-up if you want to understand your audience. We have the tools to evaluate what your fans are looking for in their music, and how you can capitalize on their passion to develop Super Fans.


Consultation for Marketing and Branding

If you need extra guidance in your career, advice for an upcoming release or learn how to do something, 1710 Media reps are available for phone or in-person sessions.


Music Contract & Document Review

If you have been sent a contract or document, we are happy to review this and provide our opinion or demystify the legal jargon. This is ideal for saving legal costs and can give you the confidence to negotiate on your own behalf. It may be the case that you just have a certain clause you are unsure of, or have a more general issue regarding a contract you would like clarification on; either way we’re happy to help.

Music Email Marketing

Customized Music Newsletter

We will create a branded newsletter and localized gig alerts for your band and send them on a regular basis, per your marketing calendar.


Social Media

All the work without the hassle! We do the day-to-day tasks of marketing your band for you, so you can focus on your music.

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